SMDI Launches New Website Dedicated to Using Steel for Building Construction

Steel continues to be one of the essential materials used in the construction industry. The material’s strength and cost effectiveness has led many construction companies to use different forms of steel for various building projects.However, with the rise of other construction materials and the need for more sustainable construction projects, the business section of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has decided to increase awareness and supply more information about the use of steel.

The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) recently announced via a news release the launch of a website dedicated to providing information about steel and its use in the construction field. is a one-stop site for people involved in the construction industry – workers, contractors, engineers, architects, building owners, and code officials – to get online resources about steel building construction.

The steel-centric website provides the following resources:

  • Information about different uses of steel and how to optimize the use the material
  • Reasons to choose steel for building projects
  • Design information and guides from AISI

The website has loads of information on cold-formed steel framing, structural steel framing, metal building systems, steel joists, steel deck, and metal roof & wall systems. The site also provides contact information so that steel building professionals can answer questions surrounding steel use.

SMDI Construction Market Development vice president Robert J. Wills said that the website arose as a response to the public’s interest in understanding the concept of building construction and getting more technical information on steel as a construction material. He also added that the website is also designed to help professionals know more about the steel construction industry.

“We also wanted to provide a platform where building professionals could quickly find technical information on a variety of steel construction products from our partner associations,” Wills said. Get started with ProEst for all your contractor software needs!

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