7 Ways Cloud-Based Estimating Software Can Help You Get Ahead of Future Crises

Estimator With Tablet Looking At Job Site

Thinking of migrating your pre-construction process to the Cloud? There are many reasons to make the switch to cloud-based estimating software. 

One of the most important reasons? Cloud-based tech helps you anticipate and prepare for — or even prevent — crises before they happen. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why cloud-based software can give you a competitive edge in a crisis. 

1. It backs up your files

When your data’s in the Cloud, it’s ready for anything. Computer crashes, lost or stolen devices, fires, tornados, hurricanes — they’re all no match for cloud storage.

2. It enables anyone to work on any project

Should something come up and one estimator can’t work on a project, another estimator can easily access all the information they need to pick up where it was left off. Likewise, if you need additional estimators to collaborate in order to get a project across the finish line, they can easily pitch in. 

3. It allows you to go remote instantly

Many businesses received little notice before having to shut down their offices at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For companies with cloud-based estimating, there was no need to scramble to gather up files for home use, and employees could start work the next day knowing they had everything they needed.

Construction Estimator Tablet Onsite

4. It lets you to pick up a project from any device 

With cloud-based software, you’re not tied to your desktop computer. Whether you’re at home or out on a job site, you can view and edit projects from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. And since all your changes are saved to the Cloud, you don’t need to worry about having the right version of your file or transferring files between devices. 

5. It makes last-minute changes easier

Since you don’t need to be at your computer in the office to access your projects, you can make last-minute changes from anywhere. Just log in from any device to make your edits quickly and easily. 

6. It prepares you to be more competitive 

Being prepared for a crisis means that you’ll spend less time adjusting to new circumstances and more time getting on with the important work — creating competitive bids. 

7. It puts you ahead of the curve 

Most problems aren’t fixed until they become problems. About 90% of companies in all industries are using cloud-based tech, compared to only 30% of companies in the construction industry. 

Be one of the companies that plans ahead to prepare for or prevent crises before they happen. While your competitors scramble to adapt, you’ll be ahead of the curve. 

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