ProEst August 2022 News

When Good Data Goes Bad: Why the Key to Smooth Handoffs is Integration

Estimating costs that don’t accurately transfer to the project management phase inevitably result in errors—“bad” data that can negatively impact the bottom line. See how ProEst and Autodesk Build work together to ensure that project costs are complete, consistent and reliable from beginning to end.

3 Reasons Communication Can Make (or Break) Your Next Construction Project

As every contractor knows, a building project has a lot of moving parts, and fluid communication among stakeholders is an important part of getting the job done right. Learn why leveling up communication tools can lead to a better experience—and improved outcomes-- for everyone involved.
Digitized Construction

Pencils Down: 5 Reasons Digitized Construction is Here to Stay

Adoption of digital tools in the construction industry is accelerating for good reason. Learn why a growing majority of industry leaders are leaving paper-based processes behind.
2021: The Year in Review

2021: The Year in Review

We can probably all agree that 2021 was quite a year, full of twists, turns, challenges and opportunities. And now that 2022 is off to a solid start, let’s take a quick look at how the construction industry fared over the last twelve months.
Top 3 Construction Problems to Avoid In 2022

Top 3 Construction Problems to Avoid In 2022

It’s a brand-new year for the construction industry, yet the biggest issues facing contractors in 2022 will almost certainly be...
The Good (and Bad) News About Excel Estimating

The Good (and Bad) News About Excel Estimating

There’s a reason so many contractors use Excel for project estimating—but there are plenty of downsides, too. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Excel can and can’t do when it comes to the bidding process—and why pivoting to construction-specific estimating software may be your best move.
ProEst News - October 2021

Avoiding the Pain of Data Silos

Are your project teams ever frustrated by data that’s inaccurate, hard to find or missing altogether? Do you spend too much time moving project data from one system to the next? Data silos are often to blame, a reality for construction companies with technology that wasn’t built for integration.
Proest News - July 2021

5 Things to Look for in Construction Estimating Software

The construction industry is going all in on digital technology, and fast. If you haven’t made the investment in software...
Why CRM Belongs on Your Punch List

Why CRM Belongs on Your Punch List

Why is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) such an important part of running a successful construction business? Because in a competitive...
Construction Estimator Shaking Hands

4 Tips for Creating Professional Construction Proposals that Help You Win More Bids

Before a construction project starts, the bidding process is a crucial step. This often rigorous process begins when the project...
Construction Workers Using Hand Sanitizer

7 COVID-Related Changes to Keep as Part of Your Construction Company’s New Normal

We all want to get back to “normal” and leave COVID-19 behind, but we can’t ignore that it’s brought some...
Construction Estimator At Desk

Your Guide to the Types of Software You Need for Each of Phase of Construction

The construction process is a long one, but software can help you tackle each phase of it. If you’re looking...

3 Common Spreadsheet Issues Your Estimates May Have (& How Software Solves All 3)

It’s a well-studied fact: spreadsheets contain errors. According to a report by Dr. Raymond R. Panko, an IT Management scholar,...
Estimator With Tablet Looking At Job Site

7 Ways Cloud-Based Estimating Software Can Help You Get Ahead of Future Crises

Thinking of migrating your pre-construction process to the Cloud? There are many reasons to make the switch to cloud-based estimating...
Construction Estimator Smiling

6 Ways to Reduce Stress for Your Construction Estimators

As estimators, your team is responsible for procuring new work for your construction company. It’s a lot of responsibility and...
Construction Office Estimators

How to Determine What Features Your Team Needs When Selecting Estimating Software

You’ve recognized the problems you’re experiencing with your current estimating software or spreadsheets and have made switching platforms one of...

What Is Construction Estimating Software?

While traditional methods of construction estimating have relied upon spreadsheets and manual methods of preparing contracts, commercial estimating software has...
How to Do Construction Estimating | ProEst

How to Do Construction Estimating

When it’s time to get an accurate project estimate, it can pose many challenges for those working within the construction...

How to Use Commercial Construction Estimating Software

Commercial construction estimating software is an invaluable tool for both general contractors and subcontractors of all sizes. Although many general...

Why General Contractors Need Cost Estimating Software

For general contractors, making accurate estimates the first time around is critical to ensuring profitability and continued success. Creating estimates...

NAHB International Builders Show Highlights

One of the grandest trade shows for the building industry has come to a close. The 2015 NAHB International Builders...

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