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March 2021

7 Ways to Win in Precon: How to Give Your Construction Company an Edge

One platform, everyone connected.

Real-time, 24/7 access to client information, project estimates, digital takeoffs, reporting, and more is what modern cloud-based cost estimating software is all about. When your people are connected on the same powerful ProEst software, productivity goes up, and costs go down.
Start today and gain a competitive edge with industry-leading cost estimation software.


Manage vital prospect and client information easily.

Cost Estimating

Create detailed cost estimates for any project.


Perform quick digital takeoffs from your blueprints.


Integrate seamlessly with common business tools.


Create professional-looking proposals quickly and easily.

Who we help

We build estimating products to help construction professionals deliver profitable and competitive bids.
General Contractors

General Contractors

Big-picture insight at a glance. Our advanced estimating software does it all for general construction contractors of all sizes, automatically generating detailed cost estimates, digital takeoffs, and complete bid day analysis for subcontractor comparisons.


Unmatched detail and flexibility. We offer the kind of detail and flexibility specialty subcontractors need to stay on top of project costs and run a more profitable construction project -- complete cost estimate and digital takeoff capabilities in a single robust solution.
2021 ProEst cost book

ProEst Construction Cost Database

Reliable, up-to-date data at your fingertips. Having accurate equipment, material, and labor cost estimates is essential to delivering a winning bid. ProEst construction estimating software sets the standard for the construction industry-- a dynamic collection of localized, actively monitored data to help you track and apply labor and material costs. With ProEst, you can be sure that your estimates are accurate, up-to-date, and competitive.

ProEst construction estimating software. 
One affordable price.

Our innovative annual subscription model offers unlimited access to ProEst estimating software for any number of users in your company. That's the kind of flexibility and cost control every contractor can appreciate.
All the features of ProEst.  For one affordable price.

ProEst vs Excel

Say good-bye to outdated spreadsheets. To Excel, or not to Excel; for many estimating professionals, that is the question. In this article, we'll uncover five of the most compelling reasons to replace old-school Excel spreadsheets with a more powerful construction estimating software designed specifically for cost estimating.

Commercial construction estimating done right.

Real-world Client Success Stories

Take a look behind the scenes to learn how these leading construction companies use ProEst estimating software to win more bids and run more profitable jobs.
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