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Tailor your ProEst solution to your specific needs as a subcontractor with customizable features that help win more bids.
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As any subcontractor can tell you, getting your bid numbers right is the only way to keep your teams busy and your project pipeline full. That’s why we designed ProEst with subcontractors in mind, a flexible estimating and preconstruction management solution that helps you generate trade bids faster and more accurately than ever before. Our powerful automation features and customizable database give you a new ability to fine-tune your proposals and align with the specific requirements of every GC, all with the kind of polished reporting that helps your bid stand out from the rest.


Thousands of subcontractors have learned firsthand how valuable the ProEst cloud platform really is. It serves as a single online hub for all of your estimating activities, holding unlimited volumes of project data in one easy-to-access location. And because information is available 24/7 from any mobile device, your teams can work collaboratively on estimates, takeoffs, reports and other preconstruction tasks from anywhere at anytime. With ProEst, you make better decisions – and get better results – because your teams stay connected from beginning to end.

We know what challenges subcontractors face, and we can help

Cost Estimates

When you’re bidding to win, ProEst is the answer. Our powerful database options and automation features mean you can generate more accurate estimates in about half the time.
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Bid Day Analysis

Take the stress out of bid day with ProEst. Our software lets you clearly see how subcontractor costs, margins, exclusions and other details compare, so you make the right decision every time.
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Digital Takeoffs

Still struggling with paper blueprints? Our digital takeoff function lets you calculate labor and material costs electronically-- eliminating potential errors and cutting takeoff time in half.
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Bid Management

With ProEst, your bids are just a mouse click away. Consolidate all of your estimates in a single, online location, searchable by project location, size, type of work, client or other definitions.
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Good client relationships are what long-term success as a GC is all about. Our built-in CRM functionality helps you act on opportunities and be more responsive to client needs.
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Our library of pre-designed reporting templates help you generate polished, professional reports that communicate information clearly and effectively.
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Conceptual Estimating

How can you make sure your next project will turn a profit? With ProEst, you can use historical bid information to determine if a job is financially viable or fits your company profile.
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Cost Databases

Our four flexible database options give you the trusted, up-to-date labor and materials data you need to create competitive construction project proposals—and protect the bottom line.
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“The GCs we work with really appreciate the quality of the proposals we produce in ProEst. It’s a big step forward for us.”
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