Conceptual Estimating Software

Not every construction project that comes your way is going to turn a profit or align with your company’s size and expertise. With ProEst, you can use aggregated historical bid information to determine if a job is financially viable or fits your company profile— powerful analysis that gives you the answers you need in just minutes.

Focus your time and resources on jobs that pay you back

Accurate Forecasting

Accurately predict the actual cost of proposed projects with trusted historical data

Trusted Data

Analyze the feasibility of every project before you begin the bidding process

Feasibility Preview

Eliminate projects that will overtax your company resources, timelines and expertise

Instant Updates

Easily modify bids and recalculate costs as changes are made and details are added

Collaboration Support

Support collaboration among project owners, architects and project managers

Risk Avoidance

Avoid the risk of “unknowns” that can turn a profitable project into a costly deficit

When Conceptual Estimating is in the cloud, it’s easy to stay up-to-speed

With ProEst, Conceptual Estimating has all the power and flexibility of our online cloud platform behind it. That means you can track changes in project specs as they happen—and create detailed reports to share in real time with owners, architects, engineers, planners and project managers. Just as important, easy online access helps ensure that every project stakeholder stays in the loop as modifications and additions come in, so multiple teams can stay fully up to speed, whether they’re with you in the office or out in the field.
Conceptual Estimating

Predictive Analysis

Leverage historical information in past project estimates as a base to forecast the viability and potential profits of future jobs.
Conceptual Estimating

Automatic Recalculation

Create a new conceptual estimate automatically by using compiled unit costs from source estimates in combination with new project inputs.
Conceptual Estimating

Verified Inputs

Create a new conceptual estimate in seconds using unit costs from source estimates combined with new project parameters.
“With ProEst, we approach every project knowing exactly what to expect. We know ahead of time which jobs are going to be profitable and which aren’t.”
--Lawrence D., VP Preconstruction Management

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We want our software to work hard and contribute to our clients’ success. That’s why ProEst experts are readily available to answer questions and help optimize the ProEst software platform—and that includes our Conceptual Estimating feature. As a ProEst client, you can talk live with our U.S.-based Technical Support team, Account Managers and Client Success advocates as often as you’d like; they can walk you through the conceptual estimating process, point you to additional training and make recommendations tailored to your needs. Want to know more about ProEst Conceptual Estimating right now? Simply complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

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