Construction Reporting Software

Even the most carefully prepared estimate won’t gain traction— inside or outside of your company--without high-quality reporting. Our enhanced reporting features let you create polished and professional reports quickly and easily; choose from wide variety of standardized templates or design customized formats that are uniquely your own.

Create high-quality reports that help your company stand out

Standardized Formats

Create standardized labor reports and estimate summaries for internal review processes

Pre-Loaded Templates

Choose from dozens of pre-loaded report templates or create customized formats of your own

Search Capabilities

Locate any report in just seconds with a powerful search feature that improves efficiency

Brand Distinction

Favorably impress clients and prospects with reports that identify and elevate your brand

Automatic Data Transfer

Transfer estimate data automatically to your choice of professionally designed report templates

Electronic Distribution

Distribute an unlimited number of reports electronically so your bids are always on time

When Construction Reporting is in the cloud, you always make a great impression

With ProEst, Construction Reporting functionality has the power and flexibility of our online cloud platform behind it. That means you can take your reporting capabilities to the next level by creating professional construction reports in a fraction of the time they used to take—all without the risk of errors that can occur with manual data transfer. And because our platform offers easy online access, you can email your finished proposals to internal and external project stakeholders for review and approval, then follow up with recipients for feedback and modifications—without time-consuming delays and bottlenecks.
Construction Reporting

Snapshot Estimate Totals

Get a quick snapshot overview of estimate totals showing job percentage and cost per unit.
Construction Reporting

Clarified Costing Details

Get the details with estimated cost types that are displayed by material, labor, subcontract, equipment and more, grouped by divisions.
Construction Reporting

Single-Page Project Reporting

Clearly see how many hours are required per task, what crews are necessary and the total cost of labor on each project, all in a single report.
Construction Reporting

Cost Validation Displays

Display unit totals per item to validate that the costs entered are within an acceptable range.
Construction Reporting

Productivity Measurement

Measure your company’s productivity by tracking total numbers of hours required to estimate each project.
Construction Reporting

Job Awards and Revenue Tracking

Track your performance with reporting that displays dollars won and lost as well as close rate per estimate type, estimator or office.
Construction Reporting

Monthly Summaries

Get a complete recap of monthly reporting that displays usage, current status and pipeline activity.
“Before ProEst, our reports were inconsistent and lacked organization. Now, we’re getting great feedback from the internal review team as well as our clients.”
--Kathryn S., Senior Operations Manager

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We want our software to work hard and contribute to our clients’ success. That’s why ProEst experts are readily available to answer questions and help optimize the ProEst software platform—and that includes our Construction Reporting feature. As a ProEst client, you can talk live with our U.S.-based Technical Support team, Account Managers and Client Success advocates as often as you’d like; they can walk you through the construction reporting process, point you to additional training and make recommendations tailored to your needs. Want to know more about ProEst Construction Reporting right now? Simply complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

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