Proest + ComputerEase

Save time and money with a unified estimating and accounting platform.
Transfer data for inventory management and purchase order creation in just seconds.
Ensure that information is accurate & up-to-date from initial estimate to final close-out.
Provide a centralized hub of project information accessible by every project stakeholder.
Connect estimating and accounting functionality to accelerate workflows.
Cut down on costly project delays, errors and rework with real-time information sharing.
Create a single source of truth that improves project visibility and decision-making.

One Click Integration

Contractors need numbers they can trust– and the assurance that actual costs won’t differ from projected costs once the job closes. That’s why ProEst partnered with ComputerEase over a decade ago to create an all-in-one estimating, accounting and project management solution designed specifically for contractors. Estimate data transfers from ProEst to ComputerEase with a single click, so there’s no need to spend time re-entering data for contracts, change orders, invoices and other project documents. You’ll find that accuracy is improved too, because when information moves seamlessly from one application to another, there’s no risk of human error.

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How does ProEst + ComputerEase integration work?

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“Our project data transfers from ProEst to ComputerEase in a matter of seconds. That’s the kind of back-office efficiency our accounting department was looking for.”
Stephen S.
Operations Manager

Gain new levels of financial accuracy,
visibility & control

ProEst is designed to integrate seamlessly with leading online construction-specific accounting software—the best way to track and manage financial details from initial estimate to final close out. With ProEst, estimating data transfers to your accounting system automatically once the project is awarded, eliminating the need to re-enter project data and reducing the potential for errors.
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