Training Options

Web-Based Training

The Web-based ProEst training course gives you access to quick, personal training without having to leave your office. The course is divided into five one-hour Web-based classes, with additional time available if necessary. After-class tutorials, which must be completed prior to the next class, promote progressive learning of key ProEst functions.
Web-Based Training

Classroom Training

Classroom training at our San Diego headquarters is designed to give you the personal attention needed to quickly become productive with your ProEst software. Training through these construction estimating classes are presented in hands-on classroom environments where each attendee has a computer on which to practice what is being taught. This construction estimating program ensures a complete understanding of the functionality and use of ProEst.

On-Site Training

On-site training provides a customized ProEst construction estimating classes designed to fit your schedule, estimating and computer expertise and business needs. The time schedule and curriculum is based on your computer and estimating knowledge. On-site training is completely customizable, and places our ProEst training staff at your disposal.
To learn more or to schedule construction estimating classes, fill out our contact form, or call 800-255-7407