Executive Reports

5 Steps to Making the Move to a Digital Pre-Construction Platform
Learn how to transition your paper-based processes and documentation to a more powerful online solution.
Making The Move To Proest, A Real World Implementation Plan
Go behind the scenes as Canadian General Contractor Dora Construction prepares to launch the ProEst Cloud estimating platform.
Jumpstart Your Success in 2021
2020 introduced a new set of challenges for the construction industry—and offered an unexpected advantage to contractors who were able to adapt to new norms.
7 Tips to Get Your Estimators on Board
See what it takes to get universal buy-in for your new estimating solution-- and why that's so important for your success.
3 Ways Construction Companies Leave Money on the Table
In this Executive Insight report, we’ll explore three ways construction companies are inadvertently leaving money on the table.
6 Reasons Green Building Is Good Business
In this Executive Insight report, we’ll take a closer look at how sustainable building is changing the construction industry.
My Estimators Don't need the Cloud
See why it’s more important than ever to know the facts about why a move to the cloud can help your company thrive.
Construction Estimating to Go: Why Mobile Capabilities Should Be Your #1 Priority
Read our thought-provoking new report to explore how cloud-connected mobile devices can help.
7 Habits of Winning Construction Companies
Explore how winning construction companies are applying innovative new practices and behaviors.
5 Reasons Why Construction Estimators are Leaving Excel
Discover how contractors are achieving new levels of profitability with construction-specific estimating solutions.
5 Things to Consider Before Spending a Dime on Estimating Software
Learn what to look for-- and what to avoid-- in a construction estimating solution before you invest.
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