Executive Reports

5 Steps to Making the Move to a Digital Pre-Construction Platform
Learn how to transition your paper-based processes and documentation to a more powerful online solution.
Making The Move To Proest, A Real World Implementation Plan
Go behind the scenes as Canadian General Contractor Dora Construction prepares to launch the ProEst Cloud estimating platform.
Jumpstart Your Success in 2021
2020 introduced a new set of challenges for the construction industry—and offered an unexpected advantage to contractors who were able to adapt to new norms.
7 Ways To Win In Precon
In this Executive Insight report, we’ll take a closer look at how your construction company can increase the likelihood of submitting a winning bid— seven precon strategies that the most successful contractors use to fill the project pipeline and stay busy with profitable work.
Does Precon Automation Make Sense For Your Company?
Construction firms that automate their pre-construction processes are seeing new levels of efficiency, accuracy and cost-savings. This new Executive Insight report will help you decide if it's the right choice for you.
Hidden Power of Construction CRM
In this report, we’ll explore how CRM principles—and the technologies that support them—can help contractors develop lasting, mutually beneficial client relationships.
7 Tips to Get Your Estimators on Board
See what it takes to get universal buy-in for your new estimating solution-- and why that's so important for your success.
3 Ways Construction Companies Leave Money on the Table
In this Executive Insight report, we’ll explore three ways construction companies are inadvertently leaving money on the table.
6 Reasons Green Building Is Good Business
In this Executive Insight report, we’ll take a closer look at how sustainable building is changing the construction industry.
My Estimators Don't need the Cloud
See why it’s more important than ever to know the facts about why a move to the cloud can help your company thrive.
Construction Estimating to Go: Why Mobile Capabilities Should Be Your #1 Priority
Read our thought-provoking new report to explore how cloud-connected mobile devices can help.
7 Habits of Winning Construction Companies
Explore how winning construction companies are applying innovative new practices and behaviors.
5 Reasons Why Construction Estimators are Leaving Excel
Discover how contractors are achieving new levels of profitability with construction-specific estimating solutions.
5 Things to Consider Before Spending a Dime on Estimating Software
Learn what to look for-- and what to avoid-- in a construction estimating solution before you invest.
Why Collaboration is Every Contractor’s Secret Weapon
Collaboration—in which your project stakeholders work together toward a common goal— sounds easy enough, but in the real world of construction, it can be very hard to achieve.