The Case for Digital: Seven Reasons You Should “Paper Proof ” Your Pre-Construction Process

If your construction company is still relying on paper-based tools and processes for estimating and pre-construction, it’s time to make a change. Take a look at these seven important reasons you should consider moving to a cloud-based digital platform.


Reason #1: Competition is Fierce

When the total number of construction projects decreases, more contractors are likely to compete for fewer jobs, lowering the probability of a winning bid. A cloud- based estimating solution with built-in job costing updates can help your company forecast labor and materials costs with pinpoint accuracy, the best way to ensure that you win jobs and protect profit margins.


reduction in construction starts from February to March, 2020.
Reason #1: Competition is Fierce

Reason #2: Resources Are Dwindling

Reason #2: Resources Are Dwindling
Continual use of non-renewable resources isn’t sustainable—and as supplies diminish, costs will rise. A cloud-based estimating solution virtually eliminates the need for paper-based processes and significantly reduces infrastructure and energy requirements associated with on-premise systems. That means your company can reduce overhead expenses and put an end to unnecessary waste.


trees are cut down every year to print blueprints.

Reason #3: Remote Work is Growing

Business continuity is emerging as a key issue for contractors, with the possibility of significant impacts for companies unprepared to support remote work protocols. A cloud-based estimating solution gives users 24/7/365 access to project information from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device, minimizing business disruption and maintaining high levels of productivity.


of all employees now use a cloud-based management tool to work remotely.
Reason #3: Remote Work is Growing

Reason #4: Rework is Costly

Reason #4: Rework is Costly
Many contractors still rely heavily on paper to manage their estimating processes and deliverables—all of which can quickly become out of date and require rework. A cloud-based estimating solution saves time and money by converting paper blueprints, reports and other documents to a digital form that can be viewed, shared and modified in real time.


of rework costs per year due to poor document control.

Reason #5: Collaboration is Key

Experts know that when people work together as a coordinated team, business productivity and process efficiency increase. A cloud-based estimating solution helps ensure that digital files can be easily located and shared by multiple users, facilitating connectivity and communication and eliminating the need to create and store separate documents.


increase in productivity is provided by online collaboration tools and digital workplaces.
Reason #5: Collaboration is Key

Reason #6: Change is Inevitable

Reason #6: Change is Inevitable
Shifts in market demand are influenced by multiple factors and are often impossible to accurately predict. A cloud-based estimating solution gives contractors the ability to adjust the number of users and bid volume up or down instantaneously as the situation dictates, all without the need to modify equipment or add costly infrastructure.


of organizations anticipate changes in structure, processes or revenue.

Reason #7: The Future is Digital

Over the past decade, business leaders in every industry have cited cloud capabilities as a priority for their organizations—and today, 90% of all companies depend on some form of cloud services.* Contractors who fail to adopt web-based estimating solutions and continue to rely on paper instead will eventually be unable to compete with those who embrace the cloud.


of all companies now use some form of cloud services.
*Source: Sys Group 2020
Reason #7: The Future is Digital

Meet ProEst in the Cloud

Proest In The Cloud
ProEst was a pioneer of web-based estimating and preconstruction management, introducing the ProEst cloud platform in 2015. Today, ProEst provides advanced construction estimating capabilities for leading companies and public sector clients in the United States, Canada and Australia. Our cloud-based platform combines cost estimating, digital takeoffs and bid day analysis in a single powerful solution—a proven way to reduce costs, ensure estimating accuracy and streamline pre-construction workflow.