Proest + CMiC

Gain new levels of visibility and control on a shared cloud platform.
Transfer estimate data from ProEst to CMiC instantly on an open cloud platform.
Provide a seamless user experience with an easy-to-use graphical interface.
Compare estimated costs with actual costs in every phase of your projects.
Be alerted to potential cost overruns and budgeting discrepancies.
Eliminate process bottlenecks, reporting backlogs and information silos.
Work with reliable error-free data in every phase of the project lifecycle.

One Click Integration

Knowing what your costs will be ahead of time is key to winning bids and closing out profitable projects, and ProEst + CMiC integration can help make it happen. Over the past few years, CMiC and ProEst have collaborated to advance their integration from a simple, file-based import to a complete web services solution using the ProEst cloud platform. Estimates from ProEst flow directly into CMiC, helping you efficiently track, manage and compare actual costs against estimated budgets from beginning to end. That’s the kind of visibility and control you need to keep multiple projects running smoothly and profits on track – all with simple deployment, a seamless user experience and a superior cost-benefit advantage.

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How does ProEst + CMiC integration work?

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“Now that ProEst is connected to our CMiC software, it gives our staff the visibility they need to see potential problems, shift gears and change direction as needed.”
Corey B.
Senior Project Manager

Gain new levels of financial accuracy,
visibility & control

ProEst is designed to integrate seamlessly with leading online construction-specific accounting software—the best way to track and manage financial details from initial estimate to final close out. With ProEst, estimating data transfers to your accounting system automatically once the project is awarded, eliminating the need to re-enter project data and reducing the potential for errors.
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