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Invitation to Bid Software

As a general contractor, you expect your subs to submit project proposals that are clear, concise and complete— including costs and timelines to qualifications and legal obligations. ProEst speeds, simplifies and standardizes the Invitation to Bid process, so you get the information you need to make the right decisions, fast.

Simplify the bidding process for your subcontractors

One-Click Invitations

Send invitations to selected prequalified subcontractors with the click of a button

Online Access

Give your subcontractors direct online access to all project plans and specifications

Download Visibility

Monitor when subcontractors receive and open communications and when they download documents

Synchronized Calendars

Use a shared online calendar to organize bid due dates, project participants and notifications

Centralized Submissions

Centralize your subcontractor proposal submissions for review in a single convenient location

Group Notifications

Notify all subcontractors when new plan sets or modified specifications are available

When Invitation to Bid is in the cloud, bid requests are fast and easy

With ProEst, Invitation to Bid has all the power and flexibility of our online cloud platform behind it. That means you can quickly view, evaluate and compare multiple subcontractor bids in minutes, and be alerted to low bids automatically. Because everything is centralized in a single online location, information is easy to access by everyone who needs it—and you can make important decisions about your subcontractor partners as a team. Notification is fast and easy, too; ProEst generates bid requests, plan modifications and submission status automatically, so you have a clear view of your subcontractors’ responses and activity.
Invitation To Bid

Searchable Database

Search your database of subcontractors by trade, geography or type of business, then generate invitations to bid automatically.
Invitation To Bid

Emailed Invitations

Once the subcontractors are found; easily send invitations to the project.
Invitation To Bid

Free ProEst Access

Give invited subcontractors free access to ProEst so they’re fully informed about project details.
Invitation To Bid

Bidder Visibility

Offer bidders access to the complete drawing set, grouped by discipline with page numbers and description per page.
Invitation To Bid

Takeoff Capabilities

Give subcontractors the ability to perform basic takeoffs electronically to measure areas, lengths or counts.
Invitation To Bid

Simplified Project Bidding

Streamline the bidding process for subcontractors; input totals and notes can be added before submitting to the GC.
“ProEst gave us a format that organizes and displays information in our subcontractor bids clearly and logically. It’s a huge time-saver.”
--Stephen W., Project Engineer

Want to know more about ProEst Invitation to Bid? Ask us anything.

We want our software to work hard and contribute to our clients’ success. That’s why ProEst experts are readily available to answer questions and help optimize the ProEst software platform—and that includes our Invitation to Bid feature. As a ProEst client, you can talk live with our U.S.-based Technical Support team, Account Managers and Client Success advocates as often as you’d like; they can walk you through the invitation to bid process, point you to additional training and make recommendations tailored to your needs. Want to know more about ProEst Invitation to Bid right now? Simply complete this form and we’ll be in touch.

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