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How Mobile Technology Gives You a Competitive Edge

Mobile Technology

Remote work sites, multiple stakeholders and projects in constant flux define our working environment, which makes internet-connected mobile devices a “must have” for every construction company. Below, you’ll find five compelling reasons to make mobile platforms a key part of your business strategy, the proven way to increase the productivity of your teams and deliver more profitable projects.

Reason #1: Increased Employee Engagement

A recent study found that just the idea of working collectively can enhance commitment and overall performance. A mobile platform that provides “always on” access for project stakeholders can make real-time collaboration among individuals and teams a daily reality, increasing employee engagement, motivation, enjoyment and ownership of outcomes.

How ProEst can help:

Our web-based estimating platform is available to users 24/7/365 from any mobile device with an internet connection, encouraging employee collaboration and contributions even outside of the office.

Reason #2: Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Augmenting traditional fixed phone lines and other traditional business equipment with portable mobile devices that connect in the cloud can make a substantial difference in monthly overhead and equipment costs. Less infrastructure means lower upfront capital investment; coupled with fewer demands on IT for maintenance, repairs and upgrades, the savings can be significant. 

How ProEst can help:

Our hosted off-site estimating solution significantly reduces costly equipment and infrastructure requirements, all while offering unlimited on-demand access for mobile users.

Reason # 3: A Minimum of Disruption

Construction companies with a mobile estimating platform in place have made it possible for many key employees to work remotely, enabling individuals and teams to perform estimating, takeoffs and other preconstruction management tasks, collaborate on key decisions and maintain essential workflows without interruption. Web-based access to a centralized source of data via mobile devices enables key processes and business productivity to be ongoing—a clear competitive advantage over those companies that must rely exclusively on onsite work and interaction.

How ProEst can help:

Our centralized estimating platform supports remote work by an unlimited number of users, minimizing the disruption of failed on-site systems or environmental hazards.

Reason #4: Increased Team Collaboration

It’s clear that when people are collaborating effectively, openly sharing information and able to communicate seamlessly, individual performance levels can rise dramatically, and outcomes can improve. Because cloud construction estimating and management systems are accessible from mobile devices anytime and anywhere, a workforce that’s increasingly mobile has a new ability to connect, communicate, collaborate and contribute.

How ProEst can help:

Our estimating software is designed to facilitate collaboration with a cloud-based platform that gives mobilized field teams real-time access to a central source of project data.

Reason #5: More Efficient Workflows

Projects that flow seamlessly from one phase to the next—without bottlenecks or unexpected delays—is the best-case scenario for any construction company, helping to ensure that projects stay on time and on budget..  By leveraging “always on” cloud technology, not only can teams communicate with each other whenever and wherever they need to, they have greater visibility into projects as a whole. Having an overarching, big-picture understanding of project goals, processes and expectations is the best way for employees to work efficiently and facilitate workflows.

How ProEst can help:

Our estimating solution was designed to integrate with web-based accounting and project management solutions, offering end-to-end visibility and control for remote users.