Autodesk + ProEst

Autodesk | ProEst

Announcing an Exciting New Chapter in the ProEst Story

When I started ProEst over two decades ago, I felt strongly that we could be a “force of good” for the construction industry, committed to rethinking processes and improving outcomes for architects, engineers, contractors, owners and other project stakeholders. As a company, we were small, but our vision—and our potential as a contributor—was unlimited. I am proud to say that 20+ years later, we continue to innovate and drive positive change-- and that the construction industry has embraced ProEst as a best-in-class solution with 8,000+ users around the world. Yet as far as we’ve come, I feel that we’ve only just begun.

That’s why I am pleased to announce that ProEst is joining forces with Autodesk, an exciting new chapter in the ProEst story that promises to solidify and expand our vision of a technology-rich future for our industry. In every way, ProEst and Autodesk are an ideal match; as a worldwide software leader, Autodesk is uniquely equipped to advance the capabilities of ProEst and share its benefits with a global audience. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

Even as we begin this new partnership, be assured that ProEst will still be ProEst. We will hold on to all of the things that make us unique and valuable to our customers, and that will never change. We will continue to work out of our headquarters in San Diego, maintain our staff and business partners and focus on making ProEst software the very best it can be. My own role will expand in important ways; not only will I continue to direct the ProEst vision, I will also be responsible for a multi-faceted portfolio of Autodesk preconstruction technologies. With a renewed focus on software integration—and greatly expanded software capabilities consolidated within Autodesk—that’s a win for everyone.

Our new acquisition agreement with Autodesk could not have come at a better time—and it would not have been possible without the many valuable contributions of ProEst employees, clients and partners. As the construction industry continues to embrace technology and realize its benefits, ProEst and Autodesk can do more, be more and offer more together. To one and all, I’d like to offer a sincere “thank you” for making this important development a reality.

Jeff Gerardi