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When Good Data Goes Bad: Why the Key to Smooth Handoffs is Integration

ProEst August 2022 News

Much like a relay race in track and field, a quick, seamless hand-off of data among construction project teams is essential to success. Yet, too often, it doesn’t happen that way:  when the final cost estimate is handed over to project managers, they’re often forced to manually reallocate those costs to new budget codes in a separate system, an inefficient, error-prone process that can lead to higher costs, scheduling delays and costly rework down the line. That’s when good data goes bad—a $1.85 trillion problem for the construction industry in 2020 alone.

Connect every phase of the project lifecycle

The good news for contractors is that integration— a seamless connection between applications that share a centralized data platform— more than solves the problem. ProEst +  Autodesk Build integration is a case in point: using ProEst, construction teams can quantify project scope into material, labor, and equipment costs to generate complete and accurate estimates. Then, once the project is awarded, estimate data from ProEst is transferred to the working project budget in the Autodesk Build Cost Management module with a single click—virtually guaranteeing that re-entry errors are eliminated and that project data for subsequent phases is reliably “good.”

Avoid discrepancies and miscommunication

Every contractor knows that a construction project is complex by nature, an effort that involves multiple teams, a myriad of stakeholders and too many details to count. That’s where the value of ProEst + Autodesk Build integration becomes clear. By allowing open, unlimited access to shared project data, the potential for lost or outdated documents, conflicting information, workflow bottlenecks and miscommunication among teams is gone—replaced with a new ability to work more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Gain new visibility into every project detail

With so many moving parts, delivering a profitable construction job can be a challenge. That’s why visibility—a clear, 360-degree view of costs, margins, overruns, forecasts and other costing details—is so important to maintain throughout the project lifecycle. Thanks to seamless data transfer and an open cloud platform, ProEst + Autodesk Build integration helps ensure that vital financial data is available to decision-makers in real-time, a better way to monitor project performance and protect the bottom line.

Learn more about ProEst + Autodesk Build integration here.