Estimator At Desk

How to Compare Construction Estimating Software to Find the Best Fit for Your Company

The decision making process when buying new estimating software can take longer than actually implementing the new platform with your...
7 Ways to Win in Precon: How to Give Your Construction Company an Edge

7 Ways to Win in Precon: How to Give Your Construction Company an Edge

Want to win more of the jobs you bid on? Of course, you do. Take at look at seven different ways successful contractors tip the odds in their favor.
Construction Estimators

5 Reasons Cloud-Based Estimating Software is Necessary for Your Construction Company

The Cloud is more than just a trendy tech term — it’s a vital safety net, backup plan, and collaboration...
Construction Office Estimators

How to Determine What Features Your Team Needs When Selecting Estimating Software

You’ve recognized the problems you’re experiencing with your current estimating software or spreadsheets and have made switching platforms one of...
Estimators Using Takeoff Software

How Investing in New Platforms Can Reduce Costs & Increase Profits

How many things are holding you back from investing in new construction software? People are creatures of habit and often...
Construction Estimator Onsite With Tablet

12 Top construction software trends to watch out for in 2023

Construction software trends that have slowly gained traction for the past several years have been accelerated by the challenges of...
Top 5 New Year Resolutions

Top 5 New Year Resolutions

As we say goodbye to 2020 and look forward to the year ahead, it seems like the perfect time to...
Why Your Construction Team Communication Is Everything

Why Your Construction Team Communication Is Everything

Without communication within your construction team, it’s challenging to have your projects hit the ground running. What’s important to you...
Upskilling: What It Is and Why It Matters

Upskilling: What It Is and Why It Matters

Making sure that your employees continue to acquire new skills and refine the ones they have is hardly a new...
takeoff technologies

Best Takeoff Technologies to Improve Estimation Accuracy

Construction managers must pinpoint accuracies among costs, equipment, rentals, and salaries during estimation. That’s why they must understand the business...
new construction technology

How New Construction Technology Benefits Your Pre-construction Performance

New construction technology is all around us, from the use of smartphone apps to mapping and surveying job sites using...
construction estimating excel spreadsheet

Ditch the Construction Estimating Excel Spreadsheet and Improve Profit

Every big construction project begins with the bidding process, and the most crucial part of putting together a bid is...
e takeoff

How to Set Up Your E Takeoff for Better Estimates

It has become clear in the last several years that digital takeoffs handily beat manual takeoffs. They deliver the data...
construction technology examples

5 Construction Technology Examples That Tackle Company Inefficiencies

Technology continues to have a dramatic impact on businesses everywhere, including construction. Building greater efficiency is always the goal, and...
construction estimating takeoff

How to Speed Up Your Construction Estimating Takeoff

Creating accurate construction estimating takeoffs is the lifeblood of every commercial construction business. The success of your projects depends on...
construction cost report

5 Methods to Optimize Your Construction Cost Report Processes

Streamlining your company’s construction cost report processes will save your team headaches, but building efficiency into every part of pre-construction...
takeoff estimate

Improve Your Takeoff Estimate Speed with These Simple Tips

Improve your takeoff estimate speed while keeping accuracy in mind. Commercial construction leaders understand how streamlining the estimating and takeoff...
commercial construction company

3 Smart Tips to Boost Your Commercial Construction Company Performance

The construction industry has seen significant shifts in the last decade, from stricter building code requirements to heavy attendance at...
construction estimating services

Reduce Costly Errors in Your Construction Estimating Services

Even though costly errors frequently occur on construction sites, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways of proactively reducing them. According...
construction cost estimating software

When It’s Time to Find a Construction Cost Estimating Software

Your commercial construction company has just lost another project bid. When you look through the details of the estimate, you...
construction costs

Tips for Reducing Excessive Commercial Construction Costs with Reporting

Construction companies today have a data problem. Despite the evolution that’s going on right now in the industry, even large...
commercial construction costs

3 Ways to Reduce Commercial Construction Costs

Every business wants to reduce their overhead costs, and the commercial construction industry is no exception. When you’re looking for...
commercial construction services

Offering Better Commercial Construction Services with Better Data

It’s 5:00. Do you know where your data is? It’s difficult when project data is essentially scattered to the wind...
software estimating

Software Estimating vs. Excel Estimating – What’s The Difference?

Construction estimates are a part of every project, and the data that’s included is used to make key decisions in...
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