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How Investing in New Platforms Can Reduce Costs & Increase Profits

Estimators Using Takeoff Software

How many things are holding you back from investing in new construction software?

People are creatures of habit and often prefer to stick with the old ways — even if they experience issues — because they’re used to them. Why switch when new platforms often cost more and your team will have to take time out of their busy schedules to learn the new program? The hesitation is only human and completely understandable — but it may also be holding you back. Each day you continue to use a program that creates issues or inaccuracies is another day you could be setting your company up for success. 

Here at ProEst, we try hard to make the transition process as frictionless as possible with our Implementation Plan, but we know that long-term financial impacts can be just as important in the decision making process as the short-term problems caused by learning curves. 

Can investing time and money in new software really pay off? Read on to find out making the switch can reduce costs and increase profits.

You’ll do more in less time

What more could you accomplish at work if you used your time more wisely? 

If your old software is outdated, not user-friendly, or fraught with glitches, switching to a new platform can save your team time and effort. When your software works with you instead of against you, you’ll get more work done in less time than before.

Doing more in less time also means that your team can accomplish more work on their own. Your company doesn’t have to hire extra people to complete more bids — they just need to change the way you do your work. More efficiency means greater productivity, and as a result, more profit. 

Estimators Using One Platform

You’ll use fewer platforms

How many different platforms do you use? 

If you use a separate platform for each task, you’re increasing the chances of human error and spending valuable time transferring or reentering data. You’re also paying for several platforms when you could only be paying one simple fee. Software is expensive, and having more programs than you really need can unnecessarily cost your company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year.

A new platform that performs multiple functions (and easily integrates with other programs that perform the tasks it can’t) will save you time and money. ProEst, for example, combines estimating software with digital takeoffs, CRM (customer relationship management), proposal generation, and reporting. For project management and accounting tasks, users can easily integrate with one or two other programs that likewise combine several features and can fulfill the rest of their needs, like ProcoreAcumatica, or Foundation.

You’ll be more accurate

How many more bids could you win if your bids were more accurate?

Having only a couple of programs that meet all of your needs and integrate with each other fosters accuracy. Why? Software helps guard against human errors often found in spreadsheets and provides consistent results. The more tasks you can complete within one program reduces the risk of error when moving from one phase of the process to the next, and seamless integration with only one or two other programs further reduces the risk. 

Creating more accurate estimates makes your bids more competitive and winning more jobs will make your new software pay for itself. New, more accurate software also means less time spent fixing errors and more time doing the work that really matters — creating winning bids. 

Investing in new software can pay off long term — and if it’s an intuitive, user-friendly platform, the long term may come sooner than you think. Interested in learning more ways to increase profits? Read our executive report, 3 Ways Construction Companies Leave Money On The Table