Building Upon Procore Functionalities to Improve Your Estimation Process


As a pre-construction director, are you getting pressured from above to win more bids?

If you’re not winning bids, can you pinpoint why?

There’s a reason why, but there’s no sense in losing sleep over it. You do have to ask yourself: does it involve the estimates or takeoffs, or both? Mistakes in these can critically result in lost bids … and negative effects on the company’s bottom line.

There’s an integrated solution that can help put a stop to the pressure from above.

Estimates gone wrong

Estimating is the most important of the practical aspects of construction management. Having accurate estimates are critical for your company to remain competitive.

But when your estimates go wrong, they will wind up costing your construction company time, money, and reputation.

Estimating emergencies

Are you still using manual methods for performing your estimates and takeoffs? If so, herein lies the problem.

Spreadsheets, while still used, are found to be problematic, whether it’s errors in formulas, cells, or basic entry mistakes. In recent times, multiple errors in spreadsheets have caused wide damage to even the largest of public companies and organizations.

There’s no collaboration with your estimation teams across multiple platforms and spreadsheets due to the lack of tools to communicate and hold everyone accountable for their work. Project data is scattered across multiple devices with different individuals. Plus your work with the multiple spreadsheets used during your estimation processes is extremely difficult because you’re unsure if all of that scattered data is accurate.

Takeoff trouble

The construction takeoff is vital in performing estimations. While it’s simple in theory—counting the materials, labor, overheads, etc—the manual takeoff can be difficult, complex, and time-consuming. If insufficient materials are ordered, this can result in delays in project completion and significant cost overages. If too many materials are ordered, this results in losses for the contractor.

There’s a way to proactively take control over your estimating processes.

Digital estimation and takeoff software for today’s pre-construction

There is a need for more efficient and effective ways to work. ProEst is a digital pre-construction estimation and takeoff software platform that enables you to quickly create detailed, accurate, competitive bids. Its standardized estimating process increases your efficiency and eliminates the errors surrounding those spreadsheets and manual takeoffs.

If you’ve been punching numbers into that spreadsheet, ProEst speeds up your processes, thereby eliminating the problems. You get more accuracy in your calculations, and it handles all areas of your estimates, proposals, and more.

The cloud-based ProEst stores your project drawings and all your valuable project data in one place. There’s instant access to any company-wide estimates. You no longer have to search for a missing estimate or drawing file. You can search by estimate code, description, estimator, department, or the type of work: all in seconds.

Every estimate in ProEst contains an estimate sheet for all of the costs associated with it.

ProEst lets you add, edit, or add new items to your estimate, so markups like overhead are automatically calculated.

ProEst digital takeoffs are performed using electronic blueprints, so gone are the arduous days of working with manual takeoffs. Takeoff time is reduced by 50%, so there’s time-savings over old methods. Once the takeoff is performed, the estimate’s cost is calculated directly from the takeoff. You can use the at-a-glance summary to see if your bid is on budget.

ProEst has been designed to allow you to create customized views of your most important information. It enables you to perform a quick, on-screen estimate analysis, and also automatically adds markups. That way you know if your bid is going to be a profitable one.

Looking to extend your ability to manage all of your projects? There’s a solution that can help.

Head to a project management platform

All of your hard work has resulted in bid awards. Now, you can manage your projects with Procore, a project management platform that connects all your teams, applications, and devices in one central hub, providing a one-stop shop for your teams when it comes to streamlining your communications. All team members are kept in the loop, and your project is kept up-to-date from its coordination to completion. The Procore platform stores your information all in one place so you can view that data and standardize your operations.

You get real-time updates so you and your field teams and office staff stay connected. They’re able to check current work progress to avoid any rework.

You change your project’s status to awarded and that project is automatically populated into Procore. Your cost codes are synced with Procore, so you can seamlessly create a Procore budget using your ProEst estimate. You’re able to save hours manually building a budget based on existing estimates—Procore does it for you. Instead, you avoid manual data entry and financial errors.

Procore’s software allows you to solicit bids for projects while providing a central location for managing and viewing the status of all your bids. You can download bid packages from Procore and submit your bids directly back into the system.

The bid documents can be any format, including your plans, specs, PDFs, and file types from other construction apps that include CAD. After being uploaded to Procore, your documents are sent to bidders as download links. And there’s no limit on file size.

Procore also enables fast evaluation of key factors used to derive the right contractor for a specific scope. You can compare bids based on factors like a breakdown by cost code, bidding history of individual bidders, and the geographical location of particular bidders.

Procore lets you establish a full bid history for every project and bid package. The key feature is its ability to show you which bidders have actually downloaded bid documents so a bid administrator can follow up with those parties.

No more worries

Any construction project is a taxing one, especially in the pre-construction phase. Gone are the days of tackling estimation inaccuracies due to human errors and time-consuming processes. When the cloud-based ProEst is integrated with Procore, you have a winning combination of error-free estimates and complete project management. You won’t lose sleep over your projects, and the pressures from above will be non-existent.

To learn more about how ProEst builds upon Procore functionalities to improve your estimation process, reach out and schedule a free 1-on-1 walkthrough demo with one of our specialists today!