Leading the Way in a Changing Construction Industry

Leading the Way in a Changing Construction Industry

Few of us can remember a more unexpected and life-altering disruption than Covid-19. In spite of significant restrictions to our businesses and daily lives over the past few months, the pandemic continues to be a threat across the United States and around the world. It’s clear that there is no quick—or reliable—remedy to Covid-19 and it’s impacts, a revelation that is leading more and more construction industry leaders to rethink how their companies can best be positioned to work, compete and grow in the future. 

Embracing the distance work/learn model
For contractors that have made a significant investment in technology—and cloud-based platforms specifically—the transition to a remote workstyle can happen more easily. With the help of web-based estimating, project management and accounting solutions, teams can work at a distance with little or no interruption, and many are, even as restrictions lift. Though the industry has been moving in that direction for some time, the widespread stay-at-home orders and recommendations of 2020 may propel remote work to a mainstream business model.

The same holds true for education. As college campuses weigh the pros and cons of welcoming students back for the fall, institutions that include ProEst software in their construction curricula have a distinct advantage: training, skill-building and progress evaluation are easily conducted online as long as necessary. That means that many construction-specific academic programs featuring ProEst can continue as planned, and that the pool of qualified job candidates will remain at optimum levels.

Expanding online training and advice
As Covid-19 concerns began to emerge in March of this year, we redoubled our efforts to make the ProEst platform available, productive and trouble-free for all who use it—doing our part to support our clients’ business interests with uninterrupted implementation guidance, customer service and technical support.  In the past month alone, we have added to both our support and implementation departments, and have incorporated more flexible training options for new users, including in-depth weekly online client meetings that complement our standard hour-long training sessions.  We understand that our clients are facing unprecedented business challenges as a result of Covid-19 and are doing all we can to help them refill project pipelines and get back to work at full capacity.

Looking ahead to a brighter future
Moving forward, every construction business will face new challenges, demands and expectations, some of which will almost certainly result in permanent change. For many contractors, that may mean making adjustments that address elevated safety and business continuity concerns. For others, it could mean a fundamental overhaul to their existing processes and practices. In every case, ProEst is here to help. We welcome feedback and suggestions about how we can make a positive difference to our clients and the industry as a whole. Facing change together—and embracing new norms as they emerge—is vital to our mutual success.

Jeff Gerardi

Jeff Gerardi

President & CEO

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