How To Continue Your Estimations Uninterrupted When Estimators Are Absent

Construction estimation is obviously a key element in the construction planning process. With so many things to monitor and consider, budgetary concerns should be addressed not just by the construction lead, but by a select team of individuals assigned specifically to do cost estimation.
There may come a time when your cost estimators are not available for whatever reason. If this happens, will your estimations be halted?

Construction project managers want the answer to be “no”. Unfortunately, if estimators suddenly become unavailable in the middle of the estimating process, it often prompts project leads to:

  • Do the estimations themselves. If you are the project lead, it might be reflexive for you to jump in and take the wheel when the estimator suddenly becomes absent. You may fall into the trap of doing construction estimates yourself, just so the construction proceeds as planned. However, this may lead you to dismiss other pressing matters related to the building project. And being the leader of the construction work doesn’t necessarily mean you have the skills to manage cost estimates.
  • Hire multiple estimators. Although this may sound like a really great preventive measure, this may also be a disadvantage. Sure, there is strength in numbers, but employing many cost estimators is expensive. Another negative effect is that each estimator might be estimating differently from the other. It’s also not recommended to have one estimator take over the cost data of another, because they might have different approaches to the same issue. On top of that, customers don’t like to talk to several people, especially when it comes to costs. This may lead to loss of clientele, especially if they don’t appreciate how you are handling their requests.

Rushing to get the estimates done even without the original estimators could lead to construction delays, increases in expenditure, decreased accuracy in the reports, loss of customer confidence, and a lot of confusion.

The best way to ensure that the estimations continue without a hitch is to use a construction estimator software. Desktop applications such as ProEst allow several users to access a single system of cost data, so that changes are transparent and everything is set according to a predetermined estimation structure. Even if your assigned estimators are unavailable at the moment, you can rely on construction biding software to proceed with your estimations without a hiccup.

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