Diggerland USA Adds the Fastest Backhoe in the World to Toy List

The Disneyland of construction equipment has just celebrated its first year in the U.S., but what the unique theme park has in store this year will make construction industry fans giddy and make them giggle in sheer delight.
Diggerland USA, the construction equipment amusement park based in New Jersey, is planning to amaze its visitors by housing a gigantic, state-of-the-art construction machine called the JCB GT backhoe. The heavy machinery was created by British heavy equipment manufacturer JCB in 1986. The backhoe runs on a massive 1,000-horsepower kick that earned it the Guinness World Record for being the fastest backhoe anywhere in the world clocking in at close to 73 miles per hour! That sounds like a lot of fun to ride, doesn’t it?

Park co-owner Ilya Girlya expressed her desire to give visitors the best experience they can give. “We are always looking to add new attractions to our park,” Girlya said in a news statement.

Apart from the mammoth backhoe, Diggerland USA will also offer its customers the chance to ride an ARGO, an amphibious vehicle that runs on eight wheels. Visitors can ride the rugged vehicle through the park’s new off-road course, and can even purchase an ARGO right within the park itself.

“We instantly knew the ARGO was a must-have. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before and we’re very excited to give our guests the chance to drive them,” said Girlya.

These new mobile machines will arrive in the park together with JCB WorkMax 800 utility vehicles. Add those to the impressive roster of 25 theme park attractions at Diggerland USA, and you’ve got yourself an exhilarating entertainment experience for lovers of everything construction. See how Diggerland uses products like heavy construction cost data today!

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