Intelligently Designed Cities will be the Urban Trend of the Future

The growing urban population has led many governments and private companies to invest in projects that are geared towards the use of technology and state-of-the-art living conditions to make the urban world a better place to live in.

For this purpose, technical and management support services provider AECOM has shifted its focus to the creation of smart cities. AECOM master planning director James Kirkpatrick said via a news article that a successful and sustainable smart city should be able to merge technical developments with people's natural social environment.

“City development is guided by the exchange between people, and compact, dense urban development is a fundamental element to achieve this in an efficient manner,” Kirkpatrick said.

The global director said that more than the impressive technological breakthroughs of this age, people involved in the creation of smart cities should focus on the basics. “Getting fundamental systems in place and working together will achieve a lot more than large investments in technology that may be on flawed systems,” he said.

In addition, smart cities must also be able to influence the formulation of real solutions to the basic needs of society. “Cities that create robust planning and spatial frameworks that address wide-ranging issues, from land planning through urban agriculture to urban resiliency, will be well placed to achieve smart outcomes,” he added.

As it slowly becomes a trend in many countries, more information and knowledge must be acquired in relation to smart cities. Apart from a strong and strategic master planning, building a smart city also entails the following:

  • Efficient network for connectivity and transportation. Accessibility is the name of the game when it comes to smart cities.
  • Sustainability in design. Low carbon footprint and environmentally friendly processes related to construction and infrastructure must be followed.
  • Technological development. Technology must be incorporated into traditional elements of the city with the objective of enhancing the way of life.

Despite various challenges in implementing the concept, smart cities will continue to rise up as the world prepares for the future. Learn more information about our construction estimating company today!