4 current trends in the construction industry that save time and money

With the economy steadily taking steps toward improvement, the construction industry marches right along with it. These four trends in the construction industry are helping to cut costs and add value to a recovering market.
They come from Southland Industries’ Mid-Atlantic Division leader Mike Miller and Warrior Group’s director of operations Jim Snyder. Southland is a mechanical engineering building firm in Dulles, VA and Warrior Group is a construction company in Columbus, OH.

Use of Single-Design Models

Rather than creating engineering documents and then having the contractor redraw them, there is a shift to having these documents entirely done in-house right from engineering to coordination. This one-stop-shop approach shaves months off of projects, as models go from engineering right into construction.

Material Prefabrication

Having more components prefabricated off site continues with the time-saving theme. Moving work from the field into the shop means the difference between being able to join a single piece of duct work versus being able to join 20 feet of duct together.

Energy Efficiency

Finding ways to consume less energy and reuse lost energy is not so much a trend as an ongoing shift in the way construction is done. Heat wheels and occupancy sensors are increasingly becoming more commonplace. With buildings that have rooms that can be left empty for weeks at a time (conference rooms in hotels, for example), sensors that detect carbon dioxide in the room can alter the ventilation and save on the energy needed when the room is not in use.

Modular Construction

And keeping with the time saving theme, modular construction will continue to be a huge trend in years to come, particularly permanent modular construction. Modular construction can last for decades, uses the same materials as commercial construction and allows for easy expansion of projects. You can start with 25,000 square feet and, if necessary, expand later up to 100,000.

Modular construction is even making its way into high rise buildings and is proving popular with how it fits into LEED requirements.

Clearly, saving time is a big goal of construction companies, which makes sense. As the old saying goes, time is money. Find out more about what ProEst offers such as our concrete cost estimator!

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