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Concrete takeoff

Concrete takeoff

The United States cement industry produces approximately 4.1 billion metric tons annually. Cement is a key material in the US...
self-leveling concrete

All about self-leveling concrete

Laying concrete over large areas may seem easy enough for most DIY-ers, but wet concrete is heavy and difficult to...
Recycled Concrete

Recycled Concrete

Construction projects typically involve demolishing concrete structures such as driveways, sidewalks, and foundations. These demolitions can leave the contractor with...
Polished concrete

Polished concrete: The complete guide

Polished concrete is an attractive finishing option in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. It keeps surfaces smooth and clean and...
How to bid on concrete jobs

How to bid on concrete jobs

Knowing how to bid for jobs significantly impacts your company's profitability. As a concrete contractor, the majority of your jobs...
Concrete drying time

How long does concrete take to dry?

After fresh placement, concrete is delicate and easily ruined. Waiting for concrete to dry and cure can test your patience,...
How to Sand Concrete

How to Sand Concrete

There’s a rising trend in the construction industry where homeowners prefer sanded floors due to their attractiveness and practicability. Sanding...
Construction Concrete Calculator

Concrete Calculator

Instantly see the total volume of material needed for concrete walls, columns, slabs, gutters and other structural elements.

Types of Concrete Finishes

Concrete is a widely used construction material in projects worldwide. In its green form, concrete can be molded into any...

Can you reuse concrete slabs?

The usefulness of concrete does not end when it gets formed into a structure. Old concrete slabs may be reused...

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