Non-Profit Program

We believe that technology should empower everyone

At ProEst, we want to make sure that our achievements as a company are shared with those in need of a helping hand. Through ProEst Non-Profit, we offer non-profit builders and other charitable organizations free access to ProEst software, training and technical assistance, and actively support worthy causes anywhere we can make a difference.

Accountability, integrity, honesty, and openness are values fundamental to charitable organizations—and ones that we share. Through the contributions of ProEst, we hope to serve the needs of non-profit donors, founders, volunteers, program recipients — and inspire community action in other businesses and individuals.

With ProEst, non-profit organizations are empowered to do even more for the people and communities they serve. We want to be a part of it.
Jeff Gerardi
Jeff Gerardi, President & CEO

What We Do

ProEst is a powerful, cloud-based platform that automates routine estimating tasks and generate accurate, competitive bids in about half the time of spreadsheets and manual calculations. ProEst’s advanced capabilities include:
24/7 access from any computer or mobile device
A single platform for every estimating activity
Unlimited connectivity for multiple teams and users
On-screen digital takeoffs and workflow process definition
Integration with leading accounting software
Built-in scalability for an unlimited number of users
Automatic program enhancements and updates
Over the past forty years, ProEst has helped more than 10,000 of the world’s most prominent construction companies streamline their estimating processes and improve profit margins. As part of the ProEst Non-Profit Program, certified non-profit organizations can apply the same advanced capabilities of ProEst to their own community building projects—a better way to manage costs, allocate staff and resources and optimize building materials.

How It Works

The goal of the ProEst Non-Profit Program is to help certified non-profit builders and other charitable organizations utilize ProEst on construction projects in communities where they are needed most. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, ProEst is an ideal addition to organi- zations that depend on limited staff and a volunteer community without extensive technical or construction experience. By automating routine estimating tasks and eliminating the need for manual calculations, ProEst can significantly improve efficiency, resource allocation and materials costs.

ProEst Non-Profit Offers:
Free, unlimited access to ProEst cloud software and services
Free classroom instruction for non-profit staff and volunteers
Self-guided, online and live in-office training options
Ongoing technical support for qualified non-profit personnel
In return, our accredited Non-Profit partners will allow ProEst to use their brand and other related information for promotional purposes and will promote ProEst on their website and selected social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Why It Matters

Too often, non-profit builders with limited resources are forced to “make do” with outdated tools and technology—yet the work they do is vital to the well-being of program recipients and the communities in which they live. With the addition of ProEst, construction projects can be estimated and managed quickly and accurately, saving valuable man hours and conserving costly building materials.

Our cloud-based, user-friendly software is easily accessed by an unlimited number of team members, and can be used with success by those with minimal technical expertise. Without the need for pencil-and-paper calculations, building projects can be completed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively— optimizing available resources and manpower.

Be a Part of It

If you are a certified non-profit organization that could benefit from access to ProEst software, please let us know how we can help. Our cloud-based estimating platform, tools and training are available free of charge for use by non-profit construction companies that demonstrate a need for improved project estimating and pre-construction management, and will include ongoing technical support for qualified users. Our reach is global; ProEst corporate offices are headquartered in San Diego, California, with authorized business partners located in many major cities throughout the world.
ProEst helps non-profits use their resources more effectively. Every build can be completed faster, with fewer complications and man hours.
Staff and volunteers with limited technical expertise will find ProEst easy to understand and use, both in the office and in the field
Our software can increase the speed, accuracy and consistency of estimates by 100% or more. That means less paperwork and more building.
To submit a request for ProEst Non-Profit, please fill out the form below or call 800-255-7407 today.