Education Program

The future is bright for the construction industry

Over the past forty years, we’ve seen how technology has fundamentally changed the way construction companies work, collaborate and communicate — and there’s no end in sight. For those of us who are committed to industry innovation, that’s good news indeed, and we take pride in the fact that ProEst has made a positive and lasting difference to a community we care about.
The ProEst Education Program is an important part of that commitment, providing best-in-class education, skill-building and support to the next generation of construction professionals. Through ongoing partnerships with colleges, universities and vocational institutions, adding ProEst to your curriculum will help ensure that today’s students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to pursue a successful career in the years ahead.

Here at ProEst, we’re looking forward to tomorrow!
Jeff Gerardi
Jeff Gerardi, President & CEO

What We Do

ProEst is a powerful, cloud-based platform that automates routine estimating tasks and helps companies generate accurate, competitive bids in about half the time of spreadsheets and manual calculations. ProEst’ s capabilities include:
A single platform for every estimating activity
24/7 access from any computer or mobile device
Unlimited connectivity for multiple teams and users
On-screen digital takeoffs and workflow process definition
Integration with many leading construction products
Automatic program enhancements and updates
Built-in scalability for unlimited users

How It Works

The goal of our education program is to help students interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry master the use of ProEst—a key component of both office and field management roles. An ideal complement to any construction curriculum, the program will add valuable new student skill sets and help ensure their success as future construction industry employees. ProEst is available to accredited institutions and students who are currently enrolled in college, university and vocational construction management programs.

ProEst Education Offers:
Free, unlimited access to ProEst cloud
Expert instruction for teaching staff and students
A choice of self-guided, online and live in-office training
Unlimited access to online training videos and library
Free 6-month ProEst subscription for all qualified graduates
In return, our accredited educational partners will allow ProEst to use their brand and other related information for promotional purposes and will promote ProEst on their website and selected social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Why It Matters

Every industry is experiencing a rapid rise in technology adoption, and construction companies are no exception. Every member of the construction industry workforce—from the executive suite to field team personnel—will increasingly be expected to understand
and use advanced software solutions.

ProEst’s powerful cloud-based platform and robust estimating capabilities are at the forefront of industry innovation—a learning tool that serves as an ideal complement to traditional coursework.

Students who graduate with a working knowledge of advanced industry technology have a distinct advantage of those without it—a competitive edge that will serve them well as they enter the job market and address real-world on-the-job issues in their chosen career.

The ProEst Education Program will equip students with a practical understanding of solutions-based estimating and construction management, as well as provide a free 6-month post-graduate ProEst subscription with continued technical support.

Be a Part of It

The ProEst Education Program is designed to serve as a complement to your current curriculum and will be of lasting value to any student who plans to pursue a career in the construction industry. By equipping students with the technology literacy today’s work environment demands, colleges, universities and vocational institutions can help bridge the gap between classroom learning and the real-world construction job sites they will encounter in the future.
ProEst is giving our students an import ant edge in a competitive job market. As graduates, they offer the kind of technology know-how every employer wants—and they hit the ground running from Day 1.
As an educator, I was impressed with how accessible and intuitive ProEst is for our students. That was a big part of why we chose it for our curriculum.
The construction industry today is all about technology. We offer ProEst and other technologies in our curriculum.
For more information about adding ProEst to your curriculum, fill out the form below or call us at 800-255-7407.