Tips on Recruiting Construction Workers for the Future

The future seems bright for the construction industry. Weeks ago, we featured the industry growth based on a forecast to 2020, while construction companies are also gearing up to create intelligently designed cities.

But companies need to address one key issue to prepare them for the future: workforce recruiting.

Many firms seem to be aware of this, because roughly 80 percent of construction companies are planning to bulk up the size of their workforce within the year, according to a survey. Unfortunately, a majority of survey respondents said they are having difficulty recruiting the right people. This might be a repercussion of the recession years ago, with construction being one of the industries badly hit by the downtrend.

Still, companies should not lose hope. If you are a construction company owner and you’re planning to grow your payroll and prepare the workforce for future developments, here are some tips on how to recruit the best construction workers for your firm, based on recommendations from Construction Magazine:

Reach out to students

Millions of students graduate from college every year, and this should give you the opportunity to tap their potential to prosper in your construction company. You may start by going to community colleges because these education institutions teach construction-related skills, and your presence might encourage some students to think seriously about working in the field.

Consider hiring military veterans

Many vets coming out of the military aren’t necessarily leaving because they're old or injured. Some of them may just be forced out of service due to downsizing or just want a change from military life. You’re looking at hundreds of thousands of veterans ready to take on a new job. Coordinate with veterans groups such as Hiring for Heroes and Veterans in Piping.

Update strategies on hiring

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of not using the right method to find the perfect set of construction workers. For starters, use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to drum up interest for potential applicants to your company. Highlight your best features, especially those that are aligned with construction trends such as renewable energy and mobile infrastructure.

Reformat your company brand

The younger members of this generation want to work for a company that is updated and trendy. This might be a good time for you to change your branding. This may involve something as simple as changing the company logo, or as grand as updating your company culture and values. Millennials and young workers are attracted to new things, and making your firm look new might attract the best of them to submit a job application.