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The 6 best Procore integrations

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The commercial construction industry is rapidly changing. A business needs to be adaptable and efficient with their technology platform in order to survive in this modern world. The pre-construction industry is no different. They need to be able to integrate Procore Technologies and within their estimation process in order to scale grow.

When a company is able to centralize their information from multiple sources, their business is going to see dramatic changes, in a good way! One of the best ways to centralize your information during the estimation process is by integrating current or new pre-construction estimating software with other dedicated platforms like Procore!

Below we look at some of the best integrations with Procore Technologies and how they boost your commercial construction businesses productivity and operational workflow:


Oxblue offers wireless, on-site cameras to distribute high-resolution media straight to the Procore platform. Users can observe construction sites and design projects in real time 24/7 from any remote location. Oxblue works on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Oxblue’s easy-to-use platform works seamlessly with Procore technologies user experience (UX)-driven dashboards and tools. All cameras provide a 360-degree view of every project.

All Procore users can customize their webcams by choosing a static or pan-tilt-zoom (PTC) system. High-resolution image quality options include 6,8, or 12 megapixels.


Goformz allows Procore users to streamline data accurately and efficiently while completing customizable forms. Goformz main tools include:

On-Site Form Transmission & Completion

An admin can send a pre-populated form to any member of the construction team at any remote location. Team members can view the data, complete the form on-site, and submit the form. Once the form is complete, Procore records the data and updates the information.

Centralized Data Location

Completed forms are updated and stored in Procore records, a centralized location that all authorized users can access. An automated workflow updates the records and instantly creates a map as new data is submitted.

Data Collection and Organization

Project information is prioritized and systematically collected. Data is seamlessly shared between mobile forms and your records, resulting in accurate, timely data, and useful reporting and insights.


HoloBuilder enables users to effortlessly integrate and sync new tools, documents, and observation into Procore Technologies platforms. What can you do with HoloBuilder?

  • Import 360° photos
  • Create documentation for each photo, blueprint, or drawings
  • Create sheets and add data or photos
  • Create virtual tours using dialogue boxes, photos, and other tools
  • RFI submissions and communication to clarify ambiguities in the field

HoloBuilder’s RFI feature allows you to communicate with Procore project team members instantly via the onboard communication tools. You can also use the Observation tool to assign tasks to other team members to share or gather data. You can import sheets and additional information directly from the Procore Technologies platform. allows project managers and construction accountants to use their existing accounting software to sync lien waiver and release documents to Procore. As soon as an admin creates a lien waiver, they can send and track the waiver electronically. They can also view the lien waiver alongside other documents to ensure that all payments and other data align.

Procore users who have access to Procore Construction Financials can manage all lien waivers and other financial transactions within Procore. offers other advanced features such as:

  • Electronic signatures
  • Electronic notarization
  • Electronic payment
  • W-9 collection

All of these features operate within a user-friendly, cloud-based dashboard. reduces legal risks by allowing contractors to process financial transactions more quickly and accurately. It also meets SOC 1 and SOC 2 standards for financial controls.


Triax workplace safety technology automatically sends accurate Spot-r worksite data to the Procore platform. Users can instantly retrieve information about accidents, time cards, labor, and daily construction reports. The secure, wireless device clips onto workers’ belts, and provides worker time and attendance, zone-based location, and automatic safety incident alerts in real-time.

The integration with Procore Technologies will save project managers time by providing the data they need without requiring them to enter data or switch between different platforms manually. Triax provides valuable tools including:

  • Worker attendance and location
  • Worker hour synchronization to the Procore platform
  • Seamless cost-coding and time-keeping
  • Receive and document safety incident reports

Sport-r integration gives you instant access to the most critical job site data. You can log into Sport-r straight from your Procore account. All information is reachable viable the cloud-based dashboard.


ProEst’s allows commercial construction companies to create and manage their estimates and bidding processeses and print custom reports and proposals. Procore users can access all the bidding and estimating information to continue managing their projects. The integration eliminates errors and miscalculations that are often caused by manual methods of data entry.

ProEst allows you to:

  • Produce professional proposals and estimates
  • Improve estimating accuracy
  • Digital takeoffs
  • Estimate and update cost tracking
  • Produce or print customizable reports
  • Professional grade reporting
  • Scan and import digital files
  • Interact with digital blueprints or CAD design

ProEst and Procore have been partners since the beginning. When dealing with a pre-construction estimation software, ProEst is the software with the most truck and backing from estimators, directors and construction leaders.

In today’s pre-construction world, spreadsheets are still very common, even though they are not full-proof when it comes to estimation accuracy. When your estimates are miscalculated, you run the risk of bid loss and more. A cloud-based pre-construction estimating software such as ProEst is one of the best softwares in tackling estimation inaccuracies due to human error. Integrate that with Procore Technologies and you have a game-winning recipe for scalability and success.

Being able to integrate easily with existing platforms should be a given with modern technology, even though there are only a handful of companies such as ProEst doing it right.