Making Pre-construction easier with Procore integration

procore integration

If you love the enterprise resource planning (ERP) features of ProCore, then you should know that your pre-construction process can now become easier than ever with one simple step. Through integration with an enterprise-grade takeoff and estimate management platform, you can instantly boost your ProCore installation’s value to your organization on multiple levels. In this post, we’ll show you how integration can transform your ProCore features and make them even more powerful.

Even with a great platform, your pre-construction process could be easier

The pre-construction process can be challenging for the most experienced of teams. From managing takeoffs to communications syncing to team performance monitoring to enterprise resource planning (ERP) analytics, there are numerous processes to review and decisions to make all at once. Any platform that promises to make your workflow more efficient better deliver, since you can’t spare the time to fix software, as well.

Thankfully, if you are a ProCore customer, you have a solid ERP platform that can help your business scale while making your bid creation process easier and less taxing for your team. With the integration of a digital platform designed to speed the estimation process while streamlining communications and bid development, your ProCore features can add more value to your bottom line.

How digital takeoffs can transform your pre-construction experience

With the added benefits of modern construction ERP platform integration, you can patch the holes in your bid development process that cause elevated construction costs, making your bids more competitive. Digital takeoffs eliminate human error concerns by creating estimates directly from blueprints. That means no more pen and paper. No more unwieldy spreadsheets. No more missing data during audit.

Employing digital takeoffs cuts estimation and bid preparation time by as much as 50%.

Digital takeoffs allow you to create estimates quickly and accurately, allowing you to develop a bid strategy that is focused on a demonstrable profit margin, not guesswork. They ensure that you can avoid costly data entry and calculation errors that are common in nearly 90% of spreadsheets, costing the construction industry billions every year, according to researchers.

An enterprise-grade digital estimation platform will also allow you to access estimate data in seconds, customize on-screen estimate analysis, automatically add markups, and generate detailed client reports with a few clicks. This allows you to cut down substantially on your company’s response time to RFPs while giving you complete control of your data.

Manage takeoffs digitally with a platform that automates critical data entry tasks.

How to streamline communications and data sharing with ProCore

With the right partner platform, your ProCore installation’s features can be even more accessible to your team. Use a powerful companion platform to sync mobile team communications with cloud-based technology. When all of your team’s communications are connected through a single platform, not only will all takeoff data, estimates, and current bid process status information be easily accessible within seconds to all stakeholders, but organization-wide updates will be seamless.

Using a cloud-based mobile communications system, you can reduce response times between key departments by maintaining a constant connection with your team during pre-construction.

From sales to management to crew, scheduled and customized notifications won’t require a long email chain or a phone call. During the pre-construction process, you won’t want to waste time playing phone tag or waiting for staff to check in. With an agile ProCore integration, your team can stay in sync with real-time company directives, 24/7.

Better communication = better estimates

An enterprise-grade estimation platform can do more than support ProCore’s ERP features and optimize communications. Single-platform communications organization-wide also means equal access to critical data. ProEst, for example, offers a pre-built general contractor database with over 15k assemblies and items available. Users not only have the advantage of digital takeoff accuracy, but detailed cost estimates can also be built on the fly easily. Here are just a few examples:

Choose a platform that can complement ProCore’s best features with custom integration.

While the benefits of a ProCore integration should be apparent, the complexity of integrating two enterprise platforms is a challenge that should be considered carefully. A poorly planned integration process may cause data loss, workflow interruption, or add a layer of difficulty to critical tasks that are cumbersome for your team. Choose a platform that will design an integration around your company’s specific needs, from workflow management to data ease-of-access.

ProEst offers custom ProCore integrations, allowing you to gain the features of a powerful second platform without sacrificing efficiency or enduring the workflow derailment that can occur with integration between platforms that are not proven partners.

With ongoing, partnership-level support, ProEst is the ideal tech partner as you work with ProCore. We help companies of every size derive the most benefit from their ProCore installations at every point along the pre-construction process. With the ease of ProCore and the advanced features a second platform can bring, your business will be able to scale intelligently, producing bids that match your financial objectives and maintain a competitive edge, regardless of the size of the project at hand.