Expanding Procore Construction Software Capabilities with Integrations

procore construction software

With Procore construction software, you can enhance your user experience and increase your productivity through the open API. The API allows you to integrate Procore with other software applications. As a result, you can expand the functionality of Procore by customizing your connections and streamlining your processes.

The API is flexible enough to act as a plug-and-play for entry-level users or to allow more advanced users to develop software and connections on top of Procore. Regardless of how you use Procore, you can expand your capabilities with a wide range of integrations through the open API.

Below, we explore some ways that you can expand Procore construction software capabilities with software integrations.

1. Digital Takeoffs

Digital takeoffs help you calculate your cost of materials and give you a close estimate of how much labor your project will require to implement all materials and get them to function according to project specifications. ProEst allows you to create digital takeoffs with more accuracy and efficiency. You can share files across multiple cloud-based platforms more easily.

If you are used to plugging in numbers through Excel, then ProEst will speed up your processes, give you more accuracy in your calculations, and it will handle all the aspects of your estimates, sales cycles, proposals, and other functions. Plus, you can share your digital takeoffs in the cloud. The days of email attachments or waiting for on-site meetings are officially over.

2. Employee/Worker Management

If you are managing multiple construction sites, you may have difficulty keeping up with your entire workforce. Issues such as worker attendance, scheduling, sick leave, or employee locations can complicate your management responsibilities. You will also waste time trying to track everybody down.

Procore’s integration with Triax can help you keep up with workers in real-time using both wireless devices and software for access anywhere you go. The integration also eliminates manual entries, allowing you to submit or receive accurate Spot-r worksite data reports faster. You can view man-hours, safety incidents, timecards, and daily construction reports.

3. Improved Collaboration

In the construction industry, efficient collaboration and communication are essential to completing a project on time. Software solutions like BullClip and Holobuilder integrate with Procore to help all members of your team work together. You can conduct live design reviews, work on the same version of any project, coordinate markups, leave comments, and share documents, photos, or videos.

BullClip transforms any project into a real-time workspace where every member team can work together in progress. Everything is automatically synced so that you don’t have to do it manually. Think of it as working in Google Docs or Microsoft 365. It offers a no-hands approach to collaboration and real-time updates.

4. Authorize Documents, Payments, or Jobs Quickly

By using software such as Lienwavers or Goformz, anyone on your team can authorize documents, provide signatures, get notarization, or send out payments electronically. You can also sign or send W-9s or other employee/contractor forms. You can send these forms out to any user via the cloud-based platform.

Goformz allows you to customize your forms, and then automatically creates a PDF version of the form as soon as you send it out. If you change the form, then Goformz changes the PDF. Another great feature of Goformz is that you can create forms both online and offline, giving you greater flexibility.

5. Observe Projects Remotely

You can’t be everywhere all the time. Thankfully, Oxblue gives you instant video or photo access to any job site. You can observe construction sites in real-time, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The high-definition cameras and software can easily integrate into Procore’s platform, making it a breeze to see how your construction site is coming along.

The integration also allows you to upload all of your time-lapse videos directly to the Procore platform, making it easier to view them. You can track the progress of your current project against the benchmarks that you have set.

6. Create and Share Bids & Budgets Quickly & Accurately

Perhaps one of the simplest and most efficient integrations, Cosential can help you create accurate bids and draw up budgets faster with more precision. All users can share and input data into bids to create a stronger team effort.

You can increase the accuracy and consistency of resumes, project profiles, and project lists. Cosential even allows you to create multi-layered integrations with other applications such as InDesign and Word. You can bring all your tools together into a single platform for higher productivity and more accurate data.

Learn More About Procore Construction Software Integrations

The entire construction process can seem like a grueling journey, especially when you factor in this post-construction phase. These methods are in place to ensure the feasibility, quality, and safety of the building and its occupants.

To get an inside look at how your construction company can benefit from harnessing the power of digital takeoffs like Procore construction software, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 demo today!