Get More Commercial Construction Jobs While Increasing Company Performance


It’s not fun to have your commercial company’s estimation data scattered across multiple team members, and across different devices and locations.

It’s even worse if all this information is entered into unreliable spreadsheets. These are prone to serious errors if the simplest data is inputted, even if it’s only a single cell decimal point or number. That’s all it takes to spell disaster.

You’re not going to get accurate figures, which in term will affect your project bids. It is possible to have your teams on the same page for project success.

There is a solution that can help you and your business get more commercial construction company jobs and increase performance.

The Problem with Compromised Construction Company Estimations

When done without strong processes in place, commercial company projects wins are sunk in the water.

What to do next?

Sink the spreadsheet

Miscalculations because employees are relying on the unreliable spreadsheet. They’re not only unreliable when it comes down to commercial company jobs, but the same types of miscalculations have cost the largest companies billions of dollars. So the construction industry is just as prone to errors caused by rogue spreadsheets. Why should your company be among them?

Don’t play retriever

It’s difficult to retrieve the information when required because the data is scattered across users, and different platforms and files. It’s also critical to get everyone on the same page, but there’s the inability due to lack of tools to help teams stay in sync throughout the project cycle.

How are successful project estimates done when there’s a lot of tail-chasing going on? The result is lost commercial company jobs and company performance leaves much to be desired when your estimates leave something to be desired.

Tackle the takeoff

Manual takeoffs are time-consuming, complex processes and can often be littered with mistakes from materials and labor cost overages or underages, which can take time and money to correct. Since the takeoff is intended to provide a comprehensive list of materials to complete commercial construction jobs, an inaccurate takeoff causes estimation mistakes.

Chasing the data

When it’s time for bidding on commercial construction jobs and estimating those projects, it’s frustrating to locate the data needed. It’s often scattered over different individuals, platforms, and devices, so this adds to your time and money spent to chase it down. When the data isn’t centralized, your job is all that more difficult and doesn’t bode well for the company’s performance.

Rough reporting

When it comes to commercial construction jobs, you have numerous things to report. There are project numbers, workforce issues, on-site conditions, and materials deliveries. There are also reports involving safety and other areas that may impact potential legal issues. Along with these, there’s the need to produce project photos and/or videos.

So when it comes to reporting, commercial construction companies are unable to have good reporting when they’re unable to accomplish these, this doesn’t exactly look good for your company.

Ready to Get More Jobs AND Increase Your Company’s Performance?

There’s no need to suffer through potentially countless failed commercial construction jobs because of poor estimation processes.

There is a way for construction companies to quickly and accurately generate quality cost estimates and winning bids.

ProEst is a powerful construction estimating solution that lets you create estimates, perform digital takeoffs, generate detailed reports and proposals, and manage the bid day process.

Commercial construction companies can go digital with all-in-one cloud-based software. The estimation software quickly enables quick responses to customer bid requests and accurately calculates the costs of any size product. It also shows those bids through an at-a-glance summary and enables you to get more bids out into the marketplace.

Cost estimating

ProEst enables detailed digital cost estimate creation, reducing the estimation errors coming from spreadsheets. Its at-a-glance summary lets you know if your bid is on budget, and markups like profit and overhead are automatically calculated. ProEst increases estimation accuracy, project takeoffs, and commercial construction jobs.


When you put ProEst to work, you can perform fast digital takeoffs right from the blueprints. Takeoffs are at least 50% faster and can take weeks, and sometimes even days, depending on the project. ProEst’s paperless estimating eliminates your printing cost, reduces storage space, and let’s you “go green” with your takeoffs.

Data integration

ProEst can also help with your data integration. It has a built-in database with over 15,000 items and assemblies. It provides customized views of essential data and supplies document storage, so it’s easy to find needed data and drawing files in seconds. You won’t have to search for that data in disparate locations, across users and devices, which saves time and aggravation.

ProEst also provides the ability to integrate your important data sets with technology platforms like Procore that offers more possibilities for ProEst.


ProEst’s data-driven reports coming from the estimation process helps drive better decisions through its key findings. It supplies strong reporting capabilities and generates a wide variety of high-quality reports like materials lists for vendors, and labor reports and estimate summaries for internal use. Your estimators can also view and analyze estimate data in various ways through ProEst’s easy-to-use, built-in reports.

Your benefits using ProEst

In a nutshell, ProEst provides you with a wide range of benefits:

  • Eliminates spreadsheet errors
  • Produces fast estimates
  • Produces fast project takeoffs
  • Stores all project data in a single database
  • Improves team performance
  • Shows bids on jobs with at-a-glance summaries
  • Provides high quality reports
  • Saves time and money
  • Puts more quotes into the marketplace
  • Wins more bids
  • Saves time and money

Go with a Win, Win Way to Operate

Despite the challenges your company faces, when it comes to your company’s estimation performance, you shouldn’t have to deal with mistakes that can be easily corrected. Sure, you have challenges, but ProEst can improve your commercial construction company’s performance and get you more commercial construction jobs. It’s a win, win situation.

ProEst is a cloud-based pre-construction estimating platform that helps you create accurate estimates and digital takeoffs directly from blueprints quickly, allowing you to determine the most favorable rates for your company within the estimation process. There’s no guesswork involved. ProEst makes quality assurance in commercial construction projects estimation effortless. You won’t have to engage your entire team to be sure your numbers are accurate.

If you would like to learn more about how your commercial construction company can increase its profits and reduce miscalculations during the estimation process, reach out today and schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists.