WiFi Sensors Could Streamline Construction Safety and Production

Wi-Fi is now being used to enhance safety measures in various industries. High-risk facilities such as chemical plants are already reaping the benefits of using Wi-Fi to install safety systems and reduce work-related accidents.
The construction industry wants to jump in on the action, as the importance of safety in construction projects is of the utmost importance. Accenture Canada principal director Neil Bhattacharya discussed in a news article how Wi-Fi can be used by construction companies and ensure safety precautions are implemented properly.

Hazardous Areas

A safety system built on Wi-Fi needs sensors that feed data to relay stations, from which the received information is processed and analyzed to generate real solutions. A concrete example in using Wi-Fi for construction companies is the use of sensor tags worn by construction workers directly involved in the project site. The ID tags contain information about the wearer’s identity and current location within the vicinity, and the sensor sends data to stations that will consequently transfer the information to a central station equipped with monitoring software. This scenario allows the control station to check where all workers are located and alert them in case they step out of the site boundaries or enter into hazardous areas.

Gas Leaks

Speaking of high-risk areas, construction companies may opt to install sensors in locations where a potential gas leak may occur. Chemical-sensitive sensors that detect specific gas signatures may be placed in precise locations to alert the station in case a leak erupts. Combined with the individual body tags of the employees, the chemical sensors could significantly reduce the number of gas-related accidents.

Keeping Track of Employees & Subcontractors

Wi-Fi sensors can also help companies do away with manually monitoring the whereabouts of each employee or subcontractor and forcing them to log in every time they enter the site premises. As soon as the workers arrive at the construction area with their body tags worn, the system will detect their presence and automatically log them in. The Wi-Fi system saves time and effort for the company owner.


Another effective use of Wi-Fi in the construction workplace is in tagging equipment that is either defective or in need of maintenance. Malfunctioning machines may be tagged with portable sensors to alarm the central station in case someone inadvertently turns on and uses the equipment.

The benefits of Wi-Fi are found in preventive maintenance and anticipation of potential accidents. This way, the company is more than ready to address potential issues and prevent them from happening again in the future. Learn more information on ProEst and our mechanical estimating software today!

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