Why Creative Thinking Matters More than Ever

It’s been said countless times: we now live and work in a “new normal” that is fundamentally different than it was just six months ago. Since the pandemic emerged earlier this year, we’ve been asked to alter our routines, limit our activities and rethink what “normal” really means on a daily basis. As any contractor can tell you, the impacts of Covid-19 on the construction industry have been very real— but as the 2020 fiscal calendar progresses into the second half of the year, many decision makers are forging strategies to move their companies forward in novel and sometimes untested ways. That’s exciting news for all of us. By thinking creatively, committing to innovation and embracing ideas that expand on traditional business practices, we can progress faster and with more long-term effectiveness than ever before.

A new focus on core values.
Here at ProEst, we’ve spent the last few months building on our core strengths as a technology company. We’ve looked closely at our mission and values. We’ve taken the time to examine our internal processes and culture. And we’ve explored how we can increase our level of service to our growing client base. To that end, we’ve added more people to our team, especially in client-facing roles. That will mean an even faster response to technical inquiries and customer service issues, all designed to maintain, or even increase, productivity levels.  Our recently established Customer Success team is expanding as well, providing our clients with knowledgeable business advocates focused on industry best practices and evolving market conditions.

A shared commitment to success.
As construction professionals get back to work and companies begin to refill their project pipelines, we want to do all we can to help navigate a new landscape and forge new paths. We want to continue to use our technical expertise and commitment to innovation to enact change for our clients and the industry as a whole. Creative thinking, shared ideas and the continual discovery of new ways to succeed will help us all move confidently into the future. Let’s do it together.

Jeff Gerardi

Jeff Gerardi

President & CEO
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