What Is Procore Construction Software?

You may be asking yourself, what is Procore? Procore is the construction industry’s leading construction management software that fully integrates with ProEst estimating software. Construction companies can use Procore to manage all phases and aspects of projects, from pre-development and bidding to project completion.

How does Procore benefit construction companies?

Procore streamlines construction management in many ways, from easy document searches to automated delivery of documents and revisions to team members. Procore's drawing tool gets top reviews from companies using the software. It's easy to use and efficient, thanks to Procore's cloud-based platform.

Procore also speeds up the RFI process, making it simple to assign people to respond and instantly link drawings and other information. Procore makes communication between all team members easy, and it works across all devices and platforms. Daily job reports and inspection reports are other features Procore brings to projects and construction firms.

Procore offers easy access to anyone involved in a project without expensive, additional software seats or licenses, or lengthy, drawn-out on-boarding processes for subcontractors and consultants.

It seamlessly connects job sites with offices through its mobile capabilities. This includes reports, photos, updates, and daily project management tools. Many companies that have implemented Procore say that it’s saved hundreds of hours and improved efficiency so drastically that it pays for itself several times over.

Does Procore connect other software and applications?

Procore integrates with dozens of software tools that you may use, from financial software like Sage 100 Contractor and Sage 300 CRE, to customer relationship management software like Salesforce.

Procore integrates with Viewpoint® Spectrum® and Viewpoint® Vista™ ERP software at a company-wide level. And, if you're using ProEst cloud-based estimating software, ProEst and Procore have been seamlessly integrated since 2013. Procore even integrates with QuickBooks.

Procore’s integrations are seamless – not only will you be able to establish a more efficient workflow and manage proactively, it offers easy access to all the information you need because it is cloud-based. No more cumbersome scanning, waiting for massive photo uploads, or searching for spreadsheets on someone’s computer.

Procore Sync and Procore Drive help you manage documents in the cloud and give you the storage needed to maintain the files that support your projects.

What does Procore's project management software include?

Procore provides everything you need to manage projects and share information with everyone connected to a project. The software maintains daily logs, progress reports, drawings, RFIs, schedules, specifications, submittals, and timecards. It also supports integrations with quality and safety software, and provides field productivity management tools and construction financials.

Its integration function allows you to integrate ProEst estimates, once awarded, with budgets, cost management, and progress billings/invoicing in a single seamless step.

Procore allows you to distribute and view plans with all team members on any of their devices, wherever they are located, whether at job sites or in the office. It supports photo documentation, issue tracking, punch lists, and seamlessly allows job report creation and submission.

The Observation and Inspection functions of Procore support management on the job site and in the office using mobile and desktop devices. You can make real-time decisions on job sites without time-consuming office-based Excel spreadsheets using Procore's Field Financials -- with Procore's flexibility and functionality you can submit payment applications, monitor the payment status, and track change-orders and approvals while on the job.

How does Procore develop its software?

Procore has become the industry leader with highly-ranked user reviews because of its user-centric interface. Construction jobs are complex, but Procore is designed to simplify workflow and tasks. Throughout Procore's history, the program has been developed collaboratively with users on the job, building solutions for real-world problems.

Procore is so customer-centric that it has a zero-second wait time for phone support and better than 90% customer satisfaction.

More than two-million subcontractors, general contractors, and owners around the world have adopted Procore and provided in-depth reviews, including some of the world's top general and specialty contractors. Their experience has helped make Procore a stronger program that works intuitively to support the way contracting works and make jobs easier and profitable.

Which devices can use Procore?

Procore is cloud-based construction management software that works with nearly every tool your company uses. The software works on iOS and Android mobile devices and Windows and iOS computers.

If you’re using ProEst for estimating, you can perform digital takeoffs that dramatically increase bidding accuracy and efficiency. Once your bids are awarded, your project will go from active bid to awarded, integrating quickly and easily with Procore.

ProEst integrates and works seamlessly with Procore since 2013. Go from professional estimates and bids that reflect your company's brand to awarded projects and successful project management at the touch of a finger with Procore and ProEst’s integration.

Ready to see how Procore and ProEst work together to help you scale your estimate operations? Take ProEst for a test drive!

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