Can you Reuse Concrete Slabs?

The usefulness of concrete does not end when it gets formed into a structure. Old concrete slabs may be reused in several construction projects, depending on the size and shape of the material.
You may be asking why there’s a need to reuse concrete, considering that cement and other construction materials are readily available.

First, used materials usually cost less than new items, which could lead to lower project costs. A technique called rubblization – or crushing old concrete on the site where it is intended for use – reduces transportation costs because there’s no need to haul in new concrete.

Second, reusing old concrete pieces reduces the amount of solid waste. This significantly lowers the amount of construction waste and garners the company additional points when seeking certification for the LEED® Green Building Rating System. Reusing old materials also allows you to help save the environment.

If you’re considering reusing old concrete, here are some tips on how to maximize this money-saving and environment-friendly alternative:

The Process

Old concrete materials pegged for reuse are crushed using heavy equipment. The crushed concrete is sifted through screens that segregate unusable debris and particles from the actual concrete pieces, which can be further classified according to the degree of crushing. The coarse aggregates are usually removed and the finer concrete particles are passed through several cleaning procedures before getting the usable powder.

Uses of Old Concrete

  • Coarse particles from crushed old concrete may be used in projects that don’t require structural strength.
  • Big chunks of old concrete may be placed on walkways to increase porosity of the surface.
  • Concrete roads may be pulverized on site through rubblization and used as a base before applying asphalt.
  • This kind of material has been found to be suitable for aquatic habitat in reefs. In this scenario, old concrete may be recycled for such a purpose.
  • Finely crushed concrete may be mixed with fresh cement to produce semi-new concrete.
  • It may also be used like fresh concrete for non-critical projects such as benches and plant pots.

Use these tips to find new uses for concrete. It may even help you cut down on your costs. Learn about our concrete estimating software today!

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