Telematics Being Used to Create Detailed Vehicle Maintenance Reports

The field of construction has evolved significantly, and several technological developments have changed the way construction companies and workers approach their respective projects. Equipment monitoring and maintenance is one of the sectors of the industry that has benefited from a new technology that allows for remote and real-time reports.
Wireless telematics have been around for years in several applications such as logistics. Now, the technology is helping construction companies keep tabs on their mobile machines by gathering and relaying information about heavy equipment, particularly on maintenance requirements and efficiency of use. Information is sent to the cloud, where construction company executives can access pertinent data regarding the machinery.

As construction machinery evolves and becomes more modern, maintenance and upkeep costs tend to rise as well. The good thing about wireless telematics is that it results in faster detection of potential problems, which can save companies a lot in terms of downtime and damage. Of course, upgrading to more high-tech equipment leads to different challenges.

“More technologically advanced equipment is a double-edged sword... We can see more rapidly issues with machine health. At the same time, that means the machine is more complicated,” said John Meese, a heavy equipment senior director.

Still, with the benefits of wireless telematics on expenditure and management, more companies are integrating the technology into their heavy machinery products. Heavy equipment company Caterpillar is planning to invest in this kind of technology to obtain data from its machines, process it through data science, and generate real-time insights. The goal is to generate a preventive approach to equipment problems rather than a reaction-based post-failure response.

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