ProEst Takeoff 10 - Digitizer Software has been released

The following list highlights the updated features and enhancements in our new version of ProEst Takeoff. The improvements include a greatly improved user-interface as well as many new powerful functions.

ProEst Takeoff 10 Feature List 
User Interface
- Smoother, quicker and more organized user interface
- New Toolbar for quick access to layer information

New Functions
- New option to display all layers or separate all layers
- All drawing information saved in 1 file for quick saving
- Can have multiple products open when transferring data
- Now Links with any other windows application
- Improved Layer Information Screen

Call 800-255-7407 today to update to the newest version of ProEst Takeoff! 

Jeff Gerardi
President & CEO
Jeff Gerardi is the owner, President and CEO of ProEst Estimating Software. Born into a family of business owners, Jeff has long had an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why, in 1992, he welcomed the opportunity to take over the small estimating software company he worked at.
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