Product & Partner Development

As 2013 continues, product and partner development will continue to be key focus areas for us. As part of our commitment to constant product improvement, we are always looking for ways to enhance ProEst with new features and new partnerships.
We welcome and encourage all client feedback, so let us know if you have a new feature request or a suggestion for improving our software.

Forging strong industry partners is a win-win for ProEst and our clients. In 2012, we announced improved integration partnerships with Viewpoint Construction Software, Trade Service Australia, RS Means and WebLEM, MCAA's Web-based labor estimating database. Most recently, we have partnered with Procore Technologies, Inc. to provide estimate-to-closeout construction management.

Click here to read the Procore announcement.

Click here to see our entire list of partners.

We also became an affiliate member of the Better Business Bureau. As we form or strengthen our partnerships with other industry-leading firms, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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