Why a Procore System with Data Integration Helps Scale Rapidly

It’s time to show old ways of estimating the door with a Procore system with data integration.

Out with the old

Today’s commercial pre-construction directors are struggling to find new ways to scale their estimating operations. They’re under immense pressure to win more bids and face various challenges in doing so.

Issues can start at the beginning before a project takes place. Pre-construction directors face working with too many paper estimations or, if they’ve moved away from pencil and paper, are now working with spreadsheets. While appropriate at some point in time, spreadsheets are rife with human errors, resulting in faulty estimates that lose bids.

There are also problems with slow takeoffs that significantly compromise the estimate when too many or too few materials or equipment get figured into the calculations.

Workflows are difficult to manage because it’s not a clear case of what jobs are being done, by whom, and who’s taking responsibility. If there’s no workflow, there’s not a lot being measured.

There are also problems with too much data over multiple devices with different individuals. With data so scattered, it’s hard to create estimates that will win bids.

As a result, commercial pre-construction companies need to turn to technology for data integration to help scale operations, improve bid wins, and manage all data.

Spreadsheet estimates don’t win bids

In today’s construction industry, spreadsheets and, in some cases, pencil and paper are still used in projects. The inherent problem is their error-prone nature, especially when being sent around various project teams. Various changes are made with no one knowing what the others have done. Multiple cells are incorrectly entered, re-entered, and miscalculated.

The Raymond Panko research showed that every spreadsheet cell runs a 1-5% risk of an error, while 9 out of 10 spreadsheets contain errors.

That creates too great to chance for crucial errors. Spreadsheets don’t win bids.

With this antiquated technology, your cost estimations have problems. All it takes is a single error to turn an entire cost estimation into a lost bid. And that loss has eats into profit margins.

Spreadsheet estimates don’t win bids.

Using multiple spreadsheets can only compound the commercial pre-construction director’s problems. You have to attempt to collaborate with estimation teams across multiple platforms and spreadsheets and, as you might imagine, those estimates won’t be positive for winning bids.

Data that doesn’t stand a chance

For the commercial pre-construction director, data integration is a challenge due to contending with multiple devices, individuals, and platforms. These issues spell the affected estimates that lose bids and profits.

What’s needed is a way to extract, filter, and synchronize data faster and more efficiently. As the data grows, so does the need to scale up.

If you take measures to integrate your data correctly, this will cut down on the time it takes to prepare and analyze that data. When you automate data, you eliminate the need to gather information manually.

Scale up

What is scalability? It’s giving yourself room to grow and manage increased demand. You have to respond to opportunities quickly and efficiently, especially as your business continues to become more successful.

Scalability shows signs of stability and competitiveness. You’re ready to handle the influx of demand, increased productivity, and changed needs as your company takes off.

You’ll need to scale for things such as equipment, building permits, concrete, materials, miscellaneous costs, and labor. As all of that data grows, you’ll need to accurately scale, and you’ll want to be ready for just that.

As your construction company scales, it’s common to experience setbacks. That said, when you have the right tools, you can avoid any possible problems so you can keep your business moving forward.

Start estimating with ProEst

Digital estimation software like ProEst lets you automatically create accurate, competitive bids that result in wins for your construction projects.

With ProEst, you’re able to:

  • Store all your bid data from different sources in one database for a unified view.
  • Use the RSMeans construction cost database to access the most up-to-date data including material, labor, and cost estimates; material cost changes, and productivity rates.
  • Share data faster, with an easier way to access, modify, manage, and share crucial project information.

ProEst helps you integrate your key data points to the Procore system. Your integration process becomes more beneficial for scaling you estimate operations.

The Procore system for project management

One of the best ways to further centralize your estimation process information is integrating your new or current pre-construction estimating software with the dedicated Procore system.

Since ProEst is tightly integrated with Procore, once you’ve won a bid, you can easily export your award data into the Procore system for complete project management with just a few clicks.

As your bid awards increase and you grow, Procore will support and facilitate your growth, and it gives you the toolset to help you scale.

When your business grows, so will your team. You’ll need a plan to recruit, train, and retain qualified workers to help support and fuel that growth

Procore provides you with a reliable system to help you scale your projects—and your business.

Scale for today

Today’s commercial pre-construction directors need to take on technologies to move forward. As a construction professional, you have to be ready to scale as your business continues its growth.

With ProEst, you’ll receive accurate, competitive bids, and once you’re awarded a bid, you let Procore take over for its project management. In doing so, you’ll be ready to take on any new challenges that your construction company’s future holds.

Learn more about how ProEst integrated with the Procore system provides you with a total solution for your pre-construction needs. Feel free to reach out and schedule a free 1-on-1 demo with one of our specialists today!

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