Finding the Best Procore Integrations to Enhance Pre-Construction

As a pre-construction director, you have many worries. You’re dealing with time and cost overruns, lost bids, and shrinking profits from estimation errors. There are too many problems in estimation that are costing you big time. You need solutions.

The commercial construction industry is rapidly changing. As a pre-construction director, you may still be doing things manually, but according to a McKinsey Global Institute report, the construction industry has evolved at a “glacial pace” when it comes to automation. The United States comes next to last—with Europe in the last place—when it comes to digitization.

Are you adapting to the changing times of digitization? Or are you still working in the same old ways?

Cost estimating and takeoffs

For years, estimations have been done using pencil and paper or spreadsheets. There are plenty of problems with each.

Manual takeoffs are time-consuming, complex, and can be error-prone due to faulty material, equipment, and labor counts. These counts can be too low or too high, causing further problems for the estimates.

Spreadsheets come with their problems. While they’re still commonly used, they, too, are error-prone. Historically, many large companies have used Excel only to experience serious problems just from simple errors like copying and pasting wrong data, forgetting to add a zero, or forgetting a minus sign.

Go digital or stay manual?

If you want to improve the way your estimators work considerably, then a move to a cloud-based pre-construction estimation solution like ProEst is in order.

ProEst is internet-connected to any mobile device. It lets you get estimations done faster. Estimators can create detailed, competitive digital estimates that win more bids. And in a time when competition is fierce, you know right away if your bid is competitive.

ProEst also takes you away from manual takeoffs into digital. Digital takeoffs are done far faster—by up to 50% faster. In a time-consuming and complex environment, takeoffs now use electronic blueprints rather than paper ones. Costs are calculated directly from the takeoff. There’s no worry about incorrect counts for materials, equipment, or labor.

Take estimations to Procore integrations

Procore offers a universal project management platform that manages initial bids to the project closeout. It connects your ProEst team and your devices to one centralized hub and to collaborate in real-time with all your teams on any device.

When you integrate ProEst with Procore technology, it’s a proactive one. Procore helps manage multiple projects in one place, and you have project visibility at all times.

Procore integrations align your pre-construction estimating process with your building processes that begin soon after your project is awarded. It then automatically populates your project with the data from ProEst. You can also export your estimates into Procore-ready format and create a project budget. This way, you save countless hours from manually building a budget based on your existing estimates.

Too much scattered data?

When you’re dealing with a lot of data, you find the information is scattered across multiple users, devices, and platforms. It’s a challenge when you have to separate the lists for different job areas and calculate how many hours are needed to complete each task. Then you list all of the materials for each job segment and add in the equipment for either purchase or rent. That’s a great deal of information to handle manually, and it doesn’t bode well when it’s time to create a report.

Automate to avoid those manual entries

With ProEst, you’re able to pull that data from different sources and get a unified view. Information is automated and centralized, so you’re able to get your work done without having to constantly search for the data you need.

Take your data integration further with Procore

When you move into Procore integrations, you receive a centralized data location for each project. Data like forms, drawings, and workflows are updated and stored in real-time. And as new data is added, a map is created.

Reporting a problem?

One of the headaches in managing a project is daily project status. They’re often chaotic and inaccurate, again attributed to the amount of data involved. There are the challenges of getting real-time information while in the field, and what’s worse, the reports are often pawned off on someone else. Very often, information like forms and purchase orders are on paper and taken back to the office.

Automate to avoid those manual reports

ProEst lets you automate your reporting processes. ProEst provides dozens of high-quality standard reports, or customizable designs to view your estimate data in a variety of ways. You can generate reports like labor reports and estimate summaries for internal use and materials lists for vendors.

You’re able to analyze historical data over time to improve estimation accuracy and re-use or update estimates from job-to-job reports.

Integrate to Procore for more project reporting

Moving to Procore integrations provides the benefit of real-time reporting, so everyone is always on the same page. Data that comes in from the field is incorporated into reports so everyone always knows the project status, as well as other relevant project information. There are published reports for further collaboration.

When you move to Procore integrations, your reporting goes to another level. There are no double entries that can plague a project and cause data inaccuracies. You gain insight into the business and make informed decisions with Procore’s centralized data aggregation. You also benefit from flexible and easy-to-understand data visualizations and reporting. Key stakeholders see any leading or lagging indicators, and determine key business trends.

The worry is over

As a pre-construction director, you have many worries. Poor estimations, data integration, and reporting shouldn’t be any of them. When you’re dealing with these and the time and cost overruns that ultimately go hand-in-hand, you’re looking at lost bids and your company coming face-to-face with declining profits.

What’s more, in today’s construction climate, the ability to integrate with an existing project management platform is crucial. You have to become proactive rather than reactive and reach out to a way that incorporates your estimations with project management. Using ProEst with Procore integrations will help save you from those worries.

To learn more about how Procore integrations with ProEst can enhance your pre-construction processes, reach out and schedule a free 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!

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