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The rise of mobile and cloud-based technology has been revolutionizing the way businesses in commercial construction can operate with their unique needs, according to Dodge Data & Analytics. As a result, commercial construction businesses can tackle their challenges associated within their industry such as estimation processes. These needs have resulted in new cross-enterprise integrations for centralized information of key data points. Many businesses have yet to capitalize on these advantages that modern technology offers, so you can stay ahead of the curve with your team.

According to Tradesmen International, in terms of output, the construction instruction industry will show one of nearly $1.2 trillion by 2020. The reason: efforts to modernize the US’s broken infrastructure. And according to Special Report State of the Construction Industry 2019, that while there was a decrease in 2018, tunnel and bridge construction projects are expected to increase to a real value of $31.7 billion in 2019.

The need for scalable estimating

With the need for construction projects rising in the United States, this presents the challenges of scaling up to meet growing demand. Aside from hiring new employees and materials, estimation accuracy is an essential part for commercial construction businesses in order to be able to scale. When juggling multiple projects, pre-construction leaders need to feel confident in their team and estimation process.

There is a strong consensus among pre-construction leaders that the traditional cost estimation approach doesn’t work as efficiently as it should. Because of the increased pressure for winning bids and increasing business, cost estimation with accuracy can become increasingly difficult. Often times, companies are still using spreadsheets to work on their estimating processes and this creates a whole set of issues for team members and higher-ups.


When working with estimates within the estimation process, pre-construction professionals are faced with issues such as human error, information not being centralized, and estimation visibility within the pipeline.

Other challenges:

  • Getting more pressure from those above to get more estimates out
  • Managing bids
  • Winning more bids
  • Trying to collaborate with estimate teams across multiple platforms and spreadsheets due to a lack of tools to communicate and hold teams accountable
  • Keeping all aspects of a project managed across multiple devices
  • Increasing takeoff times
  • Managing resources
  • Reducing punch times
  • Reducing project risks on the job
  • Running the risk of cost and time overruns

These challenges have been prevalent within the pre-construction process for many years and have lead to many stressful decisions, which often lead to project losses and estimation inaccuracy.

When a commercial construction company knocks out their outdated spreadsheets and is able to utilize a cloud-based software, they are already one step ahead of the curve in reducing inaccuracies within their estimation process.

Cloud-based estimating software

Having information centralized can be a difficult task for construction businesses within the estimation process. When utilizing a cloud-based estimating software, pre-construction leaders will have a breath of fresh air in feeling confident knowing who is at what stage, anytime within the process. Information is centralized and inaccuracies are tackled on the spot. No more spreadsheets saved on specific personnel desktops and cell mistakes to worry about.

Here are a few benefits from a cloud-based estimating software:

  • Centralizing data and integration
  • Powerful data-driven reports
  • Streamlined estimation workflow processes

When a company is able to utilize a cloud-based estimating software, they will be able to integrate with specific programs that they may have already been using, such as Procore technology.

Procore construction technology

Many construction companies within the commercial construction industry may already know the benefits of Procore technology, but have not truly unlocked the powers of integration with the software. The software is one of the leading software used under construction, providing project management, productivity, finances, and more.

Procore’s ability to consolidate project tasks, and offer a platform to store, share, and manage key information is revolutionary. Top that off with integrating your pre-construction estimating software and you have a recipe for success.

For pre-construction professionals, Procore construction mobile technology is increasing accountability and bettering risk management by providing more insight into team and worker tasks. They receive help with managing risk and building quality projects that are safe, on time, and within budget.

A few benefits when using Procore:

  • Centralized data points
  • Quality control and organization
  • Efficient project management
  • Reporting

Benefits of integrating a pre-construction estimating software with Procore

In today’s competitive world, preparing manual estimates doesn’t work. There’s the need for 24/7 access and collaboration, built-in scalability, and defined workflow processes.

There is one proactive pre-construction estimating software that has consistently provided exceptional expertise and aid in the estimation process for commercial construction businesses. ProEst one of the leading cloud-based pre-construction estimating software that focuses on helping businesses thrive with their multiple solution components such as customer-relationship management tools, digital takeoffs from the blueprints and digital cost estimates for reduced miscalculation, workflow management and keeping everyone on the same page with powerful data-driven reports.

Mix this software with Procore Construction and you have a recipe for success. Procore is on the project management side withdrawing management, document control, RFIs, submittals, punch lists, spec management, transmittal tracking, and a host of other tools.

ProEst is built with growth in mind. As a result, it’s easy to add users and functionality wherever it’s needed.

When ProEst + Procore meet:

  • Ability to scale
  • Centralized database
  • Advanced integration capabilities
  • Digital takeoffs based on estimate
  • Informed decisions

Stay ahead - not behind

For pre-construction processes to become scalable, there needs to be a strong foundation in place. There is a multitude of benefits when utilizing a cloud-based pre-construction estimating software such as ProEst and integrating that software with Procore construction technology.

ProEst believes that successful commercial construction projects ultimately start with accurate estimate costs. The ability to automatically create a project in Procore based off a ProEst estimate aligns the pre-construction estimating process with the building processes that will soon begin after the project is awarded. It’s time to scale your estimation process efficiently with a cloud-based estimating software.

If you would like to learn more on how to scale your estimation process and utilize integrations with Procore construction technology, feel free to reach out today and schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough session with one of our specialists!

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