5 Procore Benefits for Easily Crushing Your Estimation Process

procore benefits

If your goal is efficiency, accuracy, and intelligent growth, then you should ensure that you are getting the most out of your ProCore installation. Using a robust platform that amplifies ProCore’s existing features enables you to maintain a competitive edge in any market. In this post, we will look at 5 ProCore benefits that will help you crush the estimation process.

1. Use ProCore to save time on estimate creation

The quality of the tools you use during the estimation process is key to the success of your bid and your organization. That’s because every aspect of your business, from the outcome of financial forecasts to the salaries your team receives, are connected to the accuracy of the estimation process. With ProCore, you know that you can receive, solicit, and track bids, as well as analyze bid histories, so you already have an advantage in managing growth efficiently.

Switching to digital takeoffs can boost workflow efficiency

With the right estimation software integration, you will have the option to use features such as digital takeoffs to decrease bid creation time by as much as 50%.

Digital takeoffs allow you to save time and improve calculation accuracy as bids are being developed. Not only do digital takeoffs work directly from blueprints, but certain enterprise-grade estimation software platforms also make it easy to instantly communicate these results across your organization through a single platform.

Digital takeoffs eliminate the need for manual data entry into spreadsheets, a process often riddled with errors.

One of the best ProCore benefits is that you receive unlimited file storage that helps you save time when searching for documents. There’s never a need to store files on a drive or hunt for a report in an email chain. Using digital takeoffs and ProCore’s powerful search technology, you can find critical bid data in seconds, with the assurance that your calculations are digitally accurate and instantly verifiable.

2. Use ProCore to create flawless responses to RFPs and RFIs easily

Enterprise-grade estimation software allows you to generate professional proposals with ProCore. Create responses to RFPs in minutes with on-screen estimates that add markups automatically.

With ProCore’s bid package development features, it is simple to compile even the most complex and diverse collection of documents (including plans, specs, and CAD applications and other software files)and send a user-friendly package to bid recipients with each file as an easily viewable link. That means RFIs and RFPs can be processed faster and responses can be managed efficiently by your team and prospective clients alike. With access to a built-in report generator through your estimation software platform, you can send an elegant report as a response to RFPs in far less time it takes to develop manually.

3. Enhance ProCore’s bid management capabilities with powerful project management features

Use a feature-rich estimation platform to optimize the power of ProCore’s bid management features. For example, with ProEst, an enterprise-grade pre-construction process optimization platform, integration with ProCore is seamless. Once an estimate is created, it is instantly populated in the ProCore project management suite.

Using the ProEst pre-built database (with more than 15k items and possible assemblies and unlimited sort types) your estimates are not highly accurate, they can be easily adjusted if changes are required to your bid or the project. With a ProEst and ProCore integration, you can streamline the most time-consuming aspects of the pre-construction process, ensuring that your team can focus exclusively on tasks that require their expertise, rather than data entry and verification.

4. Connect your entire team on a single platform with a ProCore integration

ProEst works with ProCore to sync communications across the entire team so that data and estimates can be found, shared, and evaluated instantly from every mobile device. With ProCore and ProEst, not only does your entire team have the data that they need at their fingertips at every step, but stakeholders can receive the data that you choose to share in real-time. That means your team can enjoy the complete transparency and effortless data sharing that reduces project cost overruns, scheduling mishaps, and client dissatisfaction and mistrust.

ProEst grants access to a pre-built database with more than 15k items, allowing your team to create estimates that are highly accurate, detailed, and focused on protecting a healthy profit margin. Automatically add markups and use on-screen estimate analysis to create the most profitable bids. Using a cloud-based system like ProEst with ProCore means that your data from both platforms will always be secure and accessible from any device.

5. Experience exceptional support and custom data integration

ProEst enhances ProCore benefits, empowering your organization to scale easily. With ProCore integration, ProEst can import data from any legacy database system into your new, integrated platform. That means no data loss, no jumping between platforms to access bid histories or compare profit margins over time. Your data and your real-time project status will be accessible through a single screen.

With years of experience in custom ProCore integrations, ProEst is a perfect tool to help your organization optimize your Pre-Construction process. Learn more about finding hidden profits through estimate optimization and schedule a demo today!