Navigating the ongoing business impacts of Covid-19


Navigating a post-pandemic business environment:
We are far from fully resolving the global Covid-19 health crisis, yet many cities, states and local communities across the country have begun to reopen, allowing companies to conduct daily business activities with prescribed safety protocols in place. A phased approach to reopening is designed to minimize health risks while providing much need economic support to industries that have been on “pause” for the last few months.

Meeting New Productivity Demands:
While some construction companies continued to work on projects uninterrupted, others are just now getting back to work—and more are expected to follow. Many are feeling additional pressure to accelerate schedules and make up for lost time—and all are looking for ways to maintain productivity in the face of new workplace safety requirements. At ProEst, we are meeting the demand for new implementations with an expanded staff and the introduction of powerful new product features. Our latest version, V15, scheduled to launch this summer, will include new CRM capabilities, conceptual bid automation and advanced reporting features, all enhancements driven by client requests. 

Supporting Connection and Collaboration:
The ProEst Cloud platform has proven to be invaluable to our employees and clients during the many weeks of “shelter in place” restrictions. The ability to work remotely has helped ProEst, and our clients, maintain their productivity even in the face of a “new normal” working environment, where physical distancing is necessary. As we emerge from the immediate dangers of Covid-19, this remote workstyle may well remain in place— one that aligns well with the ProEst’s ability to help key project stakeholders remain connected, collaborative and actively contributing to business success.

Let Us Know How We Can Help:
Over the past few months, we have made ProEst available to qualified educational institutions and non-profit organizations free of charge, and we will continue to offer our support as restart activities are put in place. Our attendance at tradeshows and other industry events will follow the most current recommended guidelines, as will our domestic and international business travel schedule. We welcome suggestions about how we can best help our clients—and the industry as a whole—emerge from the Covid-19 crisis stronger and better equipped to navigate what lies ahead. Together, we can succeed.

Jeff Gerardi

Jeff Gerardi

President & CEO