Improving Your Construction Estimating Process the Smart Way

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Spreadsheets are traditional, commonplace, and relatively simple to use. But according to recent research, up to 90% of them hold significant, pervasive errors. Fortunately, there is an easier way of improving your construction cost estimation accuracy instead of fumbling with spreadsheets.

Still use a rotary phone? Why use a spreadsheet?

While manual data entry and word processing applications may be familiar, neither are suited to the demands of the digital age.

From the medical industry to global finance, spreadsheet errors have cost organizations billions in lost revenues. That’s because although there were smart, detail-oriented professionals handling that data, they were still human, and spreadsheets are not an auto-correcting technology.

Regardless of the level of expertise of your staff, human errors will occur, and spreadsheets make costly mistakes incredibly easy to make. In the construction industry, a single data entry error can lose your organization thousands (or millions), with the cost of that mistake multiplying exponentially over time.

Like a rotary phone, a spreadsheet is time-consuming by nature and burdensome if you’re attempting to manage construction estimating for multiple projects at once.

With enterprise-grade digital takeoff software, you can improve estimation accuracy instantly.

Time-consuming and often error-prone, manual data entry is not your only option.

ProEst digital takeoff software creates estimates directly from blueprints, saving your team significant time and improving estimation accuracy with digital precision. That means you gain control over your workflow and can focus on productivity, not data entry.

Believe in fair play? Then don’t leave your bid’s success to chance

More often than not, human error corrupts the estimation process when spreadsheets are used, but there is another reason why digital takeoff technology is a smart choice. In a highly competitive market with unpredictably rising costs and profit margins that are often laser thin, estimation accuracy can determine the success of your bid, and ultimately your business.

Getting construction cost estimating right is more than just presenting a competitive bid. It means that your long-term P&L projections will be based on a series of accurate measurements, not guesswork.

You will be able to create a profit-focused operational strategy that makes your entire organization more efficient and less prone to waste resources. That means you can create accurate productivity benchmarks based on solid numbers. That’s a competitive edge that can withstand any market uncertainty.

Digital takeoffs allow you to ensure that your projections are accurate and based on what is best for your company—your organization’s definition of success.

You need more than just superior construction estimating to succeed in today’s highly competitive market

Cloud-based data security and digital accuracy are two components of your profit-strategy that can’t be ignored. To remain competitive, every aspect of your business should operate with digital efficiency. That means finding estimates for any project should take seconds. Sharing critical data across your organization shouldn’t require calls or email chains. Responses to RFPs should be template-based and simple to generate, with detailed cost estimate reporting easily integrated.

Using the right cloud-based all-in-one solution, you can increase bid production, reduce human resource costs, improve your estimation accuracy, and increase bid-hit ratio without having to overhaul your business

From customer relationship management and internal communications syncing to proposal generation and estimate reporting, ProEst simplifies the most resource-intensive aspects of bid production and construction management while offering seamless integration with leading business tools like ProCore.

Here are just some results that companies using ProEst experienced:

While ProEst provides the tools, we don’t leave our clients to work through platform integrations or onboarding on their own. We provide comprehensive support and training to help you get the most out of ProEst. We provide on-site training that makes the transition to our platform smooth for your entire organization while offering you support at every step of the way as your productivity increases and you begin to utilize new platform features.

We offer:

  • A pre-built general contractor database with over 15 thousand items and assemblies.
  • Flexible database setup in CSI 48 division format.
  • Unlimited Sort Types (Phase, WBS., Etc.).
  • Easy integration with leading accounting software.
  • Simple connections to leading CRM software.
  • Automatic platform maintenance and software updates.
  • One-click job setup for project management.

Want better construction estimating accuracy right now? Leave your spreadsheets back in Memory Lane where they belong

More than just software, ProEst is a cohesive system designed to help you get the most out of your existing business tools. With a few clicks on your mobile device or laptop, you can instantly improve the accuracy of projections and client-facing estimates with secure “always on” cloud-based technology.

Ready to trade your spreadsheet for a competitive edge? Take the tour of ProEst’s features and schedule a demo today!