Insurance Brokers Launch Scaffolding Insurance for Construction Industry

Safety is one of the most important considerations in construction projects. Maintaining a safe working environment for employees in the construction industry provides means preserving employee health and wellness, reducing cost maintenance and garnering trust from investors and clients.
Each construction project involves a number of high-risk activities that need to be monitored closely. In fact, many companies are already taking out insurance for their employees and even for construction equipment, all in the name of safety. However, one of the most critical activities in building and construction hasn’t been given much security measures until now.

Two insurance companies – ProSight Global Inc. and Allied Insurance Brokers Inc. – are planning to formulate a special insurance program designed for scaffolding activities. According to ProSight, the proposed insurance policy aims to protect companies involved in scaffold rental equipment and prepare them for risk-free procedures in using their gear.

“With more than 30 years of experience within the scaffold industry, we have seen it all and truly understand scaffold risk management... That very experience, along with ProSight’s resources, allowed us to assemble a program that covers all facets of scaffolding risks,” said Allied Insurance Brokers chairman and CEO Marty O’Brien.

The scaffold insurance program includes the following provisions:

  • General liability coverage and compensation for involved personnel
  • Webinars about safety
  • Access to websites that offer certificates and auto insurance IDs
  • Website for monthly discussions on safety ideas
  • Coverage on data compromise
  • Discounted price on optional background checks

The dangers involved in using scaffolds – most notably falling off the platform – have prompted both insurance companies to come up with this unique kind of insurance program. The ultimate aim of this program is to improve the level of safety in the industry with this insurance estimating software.

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