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Implementation Plan

This is where ProEst gets real

The implementation of ProEst represents an important beginning for both our clients and the ProEst team—a starting point for a relationship that we hope will be long-lasting and mutually rewarding. During the implementation phase, it is up to us to deliver on the trust that our clients have placed in our product and our company. We will use our combined knowledge and expertise to create a trusted partnership that drives their success.

To that end, we have established a formalized implementation process that is vital for every stakeholder to know and understand. By following these six sequential steps—and clarifying processes as we go—we can help ensure a reliable workflow, accelerated user adoption, and ultimately, the business results that our clients expect.
As part of our commitment to delivering the fastest return on our clients’ ProEst investment, we have established six sequential steps in the implementation process, helping to ensure the rapid adoption and successful use of ProEst in the client environment.
The key to our success as a company is how well ProEst is introduced to, understood and adopted by our clients. 
Jeff Gerardi

Jeff Gerardi

President & CEO
As part of our commitment to delivering the fastest return on our clients’ ProEst investment, we have established six sequential steps in the implementation process, helping to ensure the rapid adoption and successful use of ProEst in the client environment.
Implementation Plan Steps

1 Kickoff Meeting

Setting the stage for a successful ProEst implementation
This step is the official start of the implementation process. In this step, ProEst team members will brief client representatives on each phase of implementation, setting expectations for timing and determining roles and responsibilities. The ProEst team will answer questions, address concerns and leave with a mutually agreeable “go forward” plan.

2 Migrate Data

Creating a single, robust data base for every estimating activity
While volume will vary, the overwhelming majority of new ProEst clients will require some form of data migration, and will need active support from the ProEst implementation team to address issues related to system architecture and integration requirements. The goal of this phase is to import and consolidate all relevant client data to create a single, robust data base that can be leveraged for future estimating activities.

3 Configure System

Tailoring ProEst to meet client needs and preferences
The goal of this third step in the implementation process is to tailor our platform to align with our new client’s specific business needs, user preferences and work processes—resulting in a system that accelerates adoption, maximizes their productivity and is uniquely their own. In order to ensure the right “fit,” the ProEst implementation team must understand our client’s business requirements, and make sure that the ProEst Administrator has a working knowledge of our system configuration, enabling any future additions or adjustments to the platform as needed.

4 Train Users

Accelerating the learning process with flexible options
Training new users is a crucial part of successful client onboarding. ProEst offers a variety of training options, all conducted by our experienced ProEst Implementation Managers. New users will participate in classes which include a Q&A and recap of the previous session. They are encouraged to practice independently, ask questions and request additional training support as needed, using the newly completed system configuration.

5 Decision Time

Actualizing the power of ProEst in the client environment
The end point of implementation is the go live decision, typically based on a meeting in which all stakeholders can share their thoughts, experiences, questions and concerns about the implementation process in an open, interactive, problem-solving forum. Feedback obtained will inform next steps: determining if the client is ready to “go live,” or if there are any outstanding issues that need to be remediated with further training, system re-configuration and/or other ProEst input and support. Based on the results, ProEst is ready to go live in the client environment. This is an important milestone for long term success!

6 Go Live

Ensuring the long-term success of every client
In many ways, the conclusion of the ProEst implementation cycle marks the beginning of an important new chapter of client support, interaction and care. With ProEst serving a vital new role in our client’s daily estimating activities, we have forged an important business partnership and will continue to contribute our insight, experience and knowledge of the ProEst platform to help ensure their long-term success.

Track Success

As a company, we only succeed when our clients do.
No two ProEst clients—or implementations—are exactly alike. Once the system has been configured and is being actively used by estimators, it’s essential for the ProEst Client Success team to measure client progress, address any client pain points or training deficits and provide remedies as needed. Based on the results obtained, the ProEst Executive Sponsor, ProEst Client Success Manager, ProEst Implementation Manager and client-side stakeholders will regroup to determine what areas, if any, can and should be addressed.

What We'll Monitor:

Identify any users that demonstrate a need for further clarification or instruction
Measure and track estimate completion time and accuracy
Review user adoption and recommend needed training if necessary
Evaluate potential process changes or configuration adjustments
Measure and track estimate close rates

What We'll Recommend:

ProEst best practices when we see they are not being followed
Additional training if necessary

What We'll Communicate:

Any new functions or features coming soon
Any time we are traveling to meet