Civil Contractors

Civil Construction Estimating Software

As a civil construction contractor, your goal is to provide essential public infrastructure within prescribed budgets and tight timelines, all with the kind of attention to detail that helps even long-term projects stay on track. Thanks to our powerful web-based platform, ProEst can help. Our easy-to-use software has the built-in flexibility civil construction estimators need to bid accurately, manage resources and run cost-effective public works projects.

ProEst software is designed to give civil construction companies new visibility into adjustable crews and labor productivity, gain operational efficiencies and organize estimate costs and reporting by item, phase, system, building or any other user defined sort type.
General Contractors

An estimating tool customizable for your needs

Our civil construction bidding software lets you create customized views of critical project information, perform quick, on-screen estimate analysis, and automatically add markups to ensure that your jobs will be profitable once the project is closed. Just as important, ProEst offers an intuitive user interface that ensures estimating productivity right away—and because estimates are standardized, you can be sure that every bid you submit is accurate and consistent.

Fast and accurate digital takeoffs

With built-in digital takeoff technology, ProEst civil construction bidding software gives estimators the ability to perform takeoffs on-screen, using electronic plans or paper blueprints. You can count on ProEst to deliver new levels of takeoff speed and accuracy other estimating solutions can’t match—reducing production time by as much as 50%.

A comprehensive database that wins bids

Our comprehensive civil construction database gives you the up-to-date numbers you need to create an accurate and competitive proposal for public works projects—all with the kind of transparency municipal bids require.

With ProEst, you get:

  • A pre-built database with over 15,000 items and assemblies

  • Flexible database setup in CSI 48 division format

  • Unlimited sort types: item, phase, WBS and more

  • Worry-free maintenance and support