3 Ways Construction Estimating Software Can Double Your Company's Performance

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If you want to win more bids, you have to produce more estimates. But how can you produce those estimates when your current technology is failing you and causing you more headaches and the inability to scale your business.

Your profits are draining when you’re unable to use the appropriate tools to help you scale. You ask yourself if there are any ways to make your life easier and your commercial construction company more profitable.

To help eliminate those headaches, here are 3 ways construction estimating software can help double your company’s performance.

1. Use Proven Software That’s Developed Specifically for Cost Estimating

You may be trying to produce more estimates to get project wins, but this won’t help. You’re only expending energy that comes with working harder, possibly resulting in cutting corners and compromising profits. When working smarter, you create tighter and more accurate estimates.

When it comes to performing your current estimating, there are loads of problems to face. You’re losing bids—and money—due to miscalculations from rogue spreadsheets. And you’re not the first commercial construction whose various errors have cost them hefty amounts of money.

Although using spreadsheets might work for smaller jobs, their capabilities are limited when used for complex estimates.

When you begin to create detailed estimates with typical spreadsheets, you can expect some miscalculations due to error-prone software. As a result, you don’t have enough visibility or centralized data available. Communications are lacking because there are multiple spreadsheets and users working on different devices and platforms. None of these enable good company performance.

Go with automation

Using paper-based processes or old technology fails to let you make the best of your time and money and results in bid-losing estimates. When you eliminate estimate inconsistencies, you can make your bid with confidence. Automate the estimation process using construction estimating software and you can receive a significant increase in productivity.

ProEst is cloud-based, automated, digital cost-estimating software that helps you quickly create accurate estimates for competitive project bids.

When you use ProEst’s cloud-based construction estimating software, your estimating data stays in one place. Everything is available 24/7. Project teams can access information anytime, no matter if they’re in their office or out on the job-site. This way, everyone is on the same page, working with the same information, all in real-time.

With construction estimating software, your company can create estimates that utilize similar procedures each time you start a new project. You use the same procedures, formulas, and estimation tools every time so the data is always reliable.

2. Take Control of Your Takeoffs

Problems with spreadsheets don’t stop there. If you’re having trouble with your estimates losing bids—and money—look to your despegues. Done correctly, you’re in good shape. Done poorly, and you’re in trouble as they can alter your estimates in a big way. You won’t be looking at doubling your company’s performance any time soon.


Many times, blueprints are still done on paper. Since it’s so intricate, comprehensive, and time consuming, it can be prone to mistakes in overages or underages in areas like materials, labor, and equipment. Company performance can be affected due to old process-driven mistakes.

Use ProEst to help with digital cost estimating software

ProEst helps commercial construction companies create despegues right from digital blueprints, reducing the preparation time by up to 50%. In doing so, you can determine the best rates within your estimation process. There’s no guesswork on your part, and you won’t need to meet with your team to make sure all your numbers are accurate.

3. Centralize and Integrate Your Data

Data integration enables commercial construction owners to use the data collected to gain key insights that help double their company’s performance.

However, it’s a challenge when your multiple spreadsheets, devices, platforms, and users all come into play. Data is not centralized and next to impossible to access, leading to the inability to use the information properly. Plus, when you’ve got to gather all the project data, it’s only serving to add to your time and money used to chase it all down. This makes your job even more difficult than it already is. And this situation affects your estimates that lose bids and money.

Commercial construction estimating software needs to provide a way to extract, filter, and synchronize data faster and more efficiently. If you can use properly integrated data, this reduces the time it takes to prepare and analyze that data. When the idea of automated data is considered, it helps eliminate the need to gather all that information from multiple sources.

ProEst functions to help commercial construction companies to no longer have to search for data in disparate locations among those different users and devices. Information that was once scattered is stored in a single database for easy access. This built-in database contains over 15,000 items and assemblies, and provides document storage with customized views of essential data that is retrieved in seconds. This saves time and improves company performance since little time is needed to access project data.

Proper Construction Estimating Software is Everything to Your Commercial Construction Company

As a commercial construction company owner, performance and profits are everything. Having the proper tools on hand can eliminate the problems surrounding how your estimating teams work. ProEst removes the challenges of producing estimates that fail to help your company’s performance and result in fewer bid wins and lower profits. When you use ProEst, you can double your company’s performance with this construction estimating software that enables you to quickly and easily get your estimations ready for your bid successes.

To learn more about how construction estimating software can double your company’s performance, schedule a one-on-one walkthrough con uno de nuestros especialistas hoy mismo.

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