Mejorar la resolución de problemas de soporte técnico

Submit a Support Case Online
When it comes to ProEst product support, fast and successful resolution of your issues is our top concern. As a result, we continuously look for ways to streamline our support operations to give you the best service possible. One example of this is our transition to web-based Support Case submissions.

If you tend to pick up the phone and call us when you need software support, you might be surprised to learn that the fastest way to get your issue resolved is to go online and Presentar un caso de apoyo from the ProEst web site.

Why Phone Calls Create Delays
In the past, calling the support department was the quickest way to reach a qualified technician. Yet, if nobody was available to take your call, you had to leave a voicemail. A support technician couldn't call you back until your message was retrieved. Lets face it, retrieving voicemail is tedious; sometimes you have to listen to a message two or three times to get all of the information recorded accurately. Although this process worked (and still does), it had the potential to delay your Support Case resolution.

Technology Bypasses the Middleman
Todays technology allows you to bypass the voicemail middleman and send your support request directly to our technicians using a special form on the ProEst web site. When your request is submitted online, your Support Case is instantly entered in the support queue. This eliminates voicemail retrieval delays and expedites resolution of your issue.

If you've never submitted a Support Case from the ProEst web site, this Technical Tip shows you how. Give it a try! You might be surprised how easy it is.

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